Pads and Tampons: Inconvenient and Dangerous

· October 13, 2014

Did you know that over the course of her life, a woman could use nearly 12,000 tampons or pads? The invention of sanitary pads was a true revolution, as washing cloth pads were a real headache.

Then tampons were invented, which turned out to be much more comfortable than pads, although there are still some women today who refuse to use them.

It is important, however, that we know the impact they have on our health.

Are pads and tampons safe for health?

Sanitary pads and tampons could cause strong irritation.  Over the last few years they have become very sophisticated, and have perfumes and odorfresh systems added to them which is a mixture of materials that have the ability to remove bad odors.  Some even contain gel that solidifies the discharge, preventing it from leaking.

Tampons also contain chemicals, but you must remember that these two products are made with cellulose, which comes from wood.  Due to its origin, it is not white in color which is why these products must undergo chlorine treatments to be made to look like cotton.

All of these compounds produce allergic reactions, causing strong irritation in this delicate area.  Tampons cause vaginal dryness, thereby creating a lot of opportunities for infections from menstrual fluid decomposition when present for several hours in this cellulose.

What to use, then?

Ideally you should use products that are not perfumed and that are 100% cotton.  These are hard to find, however, because organic pads and tampons are not very commercialized.  There is another alternative, however, that is a solution to this problem: the vaginal cup.  It is organic, hygienic, and affordable.

What is “the menstrual cup”?

Menstrual cup

The vaginal or menstrual cup is a device that, although it’s nothing new (they have existed since 1930), it’s design has been improved, making it more fashionable.  This product fits perfectly in the vagina, it is very comfortable, and it doesn’t let even one drop of liquid escape, making it very trustworthy.  You can even wear it for 12 continuous hours, it does not cause any sort of allergic reaction, which is why it is perfect for sensitive skin.

The menstrual cup is used internally, and those that have used it assure that it is very comfortable, and they couldn’t change it out for any other product, no matter how organic it is.