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Original Ideas for Making Scented Gel Candles

Are you looking for original ideas to decorate your home? Discover scented gel candles! In this article, we share some interesting ideas.
Original Ideas for Making Scented Gel Candles

Last update: 24 October, 2020

If you like arts and crafts and decoration ideas you can do yourself at home, you’ve probably already heard about scented gel candles. Although they have a wick, they’re different from conventional ones due to the material used: a gel that offers many possibilities.

These types of candles are fully customizable. You can use different containers and elements to create unique decorative objects and even very special gifts for your loved ones. Discover scented gel candles!

How to make scented gel candles

Floating candles.
Scented gel candles are ideal for any room in your home. Not only do they dissipate a pleasant aroma but also serve to decorate.

What you’ll need

For starters, these are the materials you’ll need for your scented gel candles:

  • Glass containers (the glass should be a little thick so it retains heat and no bubbles form)
  • Gel candle wicks
  • Gel wax
  • Dyes
  • Essential oils
  • Ornaments
  • You’ll also need a pot or casserole to heat and melt the gel wax

How to make them

Below, we explain this process step by step:

  • For starters, you must glue the end of the wick to the base of the container. Some wicks already have tabs to make this step easier. However, it’s essential for you to make sure you don’t use any glue that can be flammable.
  • Next, chop the gel wax and heat it in a pot until it melts. The temperature to make this gel melt is 392°F.
  • After that, add the dyes and essential oils of your liking and mix well.
  • Then, you can proceed to fill the containers with this liquid gel and the decorations you want. You must be very careful in this step to avoid burning yourself.
  • Finally, let cool. Your aromatic gel candles are now ready!

Original ideas for your scented gel candles

The right scent

A lavender candle.
The best thing about making your own gel candles is that you can choose the scent you want.

For starters, you should know that not all gel candles are scented. Adding a scent is the perfect finishing touch for this original craft. This way, you make sure that these decorative elements also perfume your rooms.

For this, we recommend using pure essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Citrus essential oils. They help improve mood.
  • Lavender. This essential oil has calming properties.
  • Mint. It refreshes and cleans environments.
  • Eucalyptus. It promotes respiratory function.
  • Cinnamon. It’s an aphrodisiac and a stimulant.

And what do you decorate them with?

You can do a lot with your gel candles, as they create a liquid effect. Therefore, you can imitate different landscapes or scenes with them. Don’t hesitate to use sand, stones, figures, diamonds, or marine elements, among others.

You can even reuse emotionally valuable objects or small childhood toys to make precious memories in the form of gel candles. Dyes and essential oils will allow you to create unique sensory experiences.

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The most original containers for your scented gel candles

Different scented candles.
Choosing different containers to make these scented candles will allow you to add an extra decorative touch to your home.

At this point, you can let your imagination run wild to make different and original scented gel candles. In addition, you should take advantage of the containers you already have at home and that you can recycle, such as glasses, cups, bowls, beer mugs, or glass jars.

The possibilities are endless! Why not make an amazing gel candle out of a fish bowl you no longer use? A vase, a flowerpot, those champagne glasses you no longer use, or shot glasses are other containers you can use. Just rely on your creativity!

Now you have many ideas you can use as starting points to make your own scented gel candles. You can even invite other family members to create this craft with you. We’re sure your children will be delighted to participate!

These candles are also personalized and unique gifts for special occasions, such as baptisms or weddings. You can give them to guests or the honorees. Take advantage of this idea to create a decorative element no one will ever forget!

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