Organize Your Home and Never Look for Anything Again

· November 16, 2016
Although it can take some time, it's really important to organize your home. It will save you so much time when it comes to looking for something you need.

Most of us have things in our homes that we don’t know where to put: our closets are full, we don’t have nearly enough space, and things end up getting stuffed into places, which means it will cost us time (sometimes even hours) when we need to find them again.

The goal of organizing your home is to save yourself time when it comes to looking for things. It’s about more than just hiding your things from view.

Organizing your home is no easy task and should be approached rationally with a well thought out plan.

Making using of every nook is essential, but you wouldn’t keep your face cream in your sock drawer, would you? Of course not, it’s in no way practical.

To organize your home, follow these rules:

1. The golden rule: organize a little every day

Sometimes we get so tired of the disorder that we just stuff things away and forget about them for a long time. This is a big mistake.

Doesn’t it seem like the things you try not to lose the most are the very ones that take you the longest to find?

This happens when we make the mistake of thinking that home organization is a once-and-done job.

Designating a special space for your things will save you time when you need to use them. Try finding a good place to store the things that you use least.

2. Deep clean and get rid of things you no longer use

Some people have a tendency to hoard things. We like saving things for various reasons, some for sentimental value, others because they see the potential for future use and for some people it’s just because they’re lazy.


If you’re thinking about reorganizing your home or office, you’ll need to make some decisions.

Decide what you’re going to do with all the stuff that you no longer use: donate it, sell it or throw it out if it’s in bad shape, but avoid hoarding things that you don’t use anymore.

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3. Think before acting

To avoid wasting your time looking for things, take a day and analyze your needs and your home’s resources.

Make a list of all the things you need to organize and where you’re going to put them.

4. Use your creativity to take advantage of spaces

After you’ve made an inventory of your stuff, you might not know where to put all your things, depending on how much space you have at home. To organize no matter how small the space, try looking up a few tips for storing items in plain sight.

5. Hanging shoe organizers are golden

They’re truly useful tools. Hang one in every closet to store little things.

For example, you could store your lotions and other toiletries in the bathroom, or cleaning products in the kitchen, or socks and underwear…


Do you keep your clothes in drawers on top of each other? Do you always end up wearing the same ones over and over because the others are stuck at the bottom of the pile? This tip will quickly solve your problem.

Storing your shirts horizontally offers two advantages:

  • It saves space.
  • The shirts and their designs are all visible, making it easy to pick out which one you want without having to dig through the drawer.

7. Cords and cables

The first step you should take is to store them all in one place, in an old shoe box or something similar.

Since cords all look the same, you should take the time to label them so you won’t have to keep digging when you need a particular cable.

It’s best to neatly label them before storing them in the drawer.

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8. Decorate a wall and store stuff at the same time

We know that not everything is so easy to find a place to store. Things like sports equipment, for example, can be a real problem.

However, this option will give you a place to put the balls, dumbbells and other sports equipment while lending a modern decorative touch.

As you can see, organizing your home is a process that requires effort, but it will save you a lot of time in the future.

We encourage you to get your home organized, so you’ll never waste another minute searching for something around the house.

Don’t give up long term comfort for laziness!