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Open Your Eyes Because Life Always Guides Us

The fact that we always repeat the same patterns in our relationships is a clear example of how life always guides us until we learn our lesson.
Open Your Eyes Because Life Always Guides Us

Last update: 17 November, 2018

Many times, we feel like we’re lost. Perhaps it’s because we don’t feel that life always guides us.

Open your eyes to what’s around you. However, there are many circumstances where we are blind. For example, we’ve all had a crush on someone where we can only see the good in them.

Where were the negatives? Because this person isn’t perfect, and they have their flaws. This is all pushed to the way back of your mind.

There are many circumstances where the solution is right in front of us, but we can’t see it because we have our eyes closed. Today we will shine light on some of these situations.

We Blame Others Instead of Taking Responsibility

Open Your Eyes

This is one of the most harmful attitudes. However, we often internalize it in such a way that it makes it difficult to see some circumstances from a different perspective.

We believe that the blame for whatever happens to us falls onto everyone else. This includes blaming others for how we feel. How ironic!

Think about someone that gets in an argument with someone else because of a difference in opinions. This person blames the other and may even tell them that they ruined their day. In the end, they spend the whole rest of the day angry.

The problem isn’t in the problem, much less the other person. We all feel like we have the right to share our opinions and get angry if the other person doesn’t agree.

However, blaming the other person is a mistake.

We think that we wouldn’t act the same way if it happened to us. This situation of a difference in opinions could have been solved in a calmer way and without yelling.

We all have good and bad days.

Depending on which it is, the same situation could end in one way or another. Does it have anything to do with the other person? Absolutely. Our mood and our own circumstances are at play.

Life Always Guides Us, Repeating the Same Patterns

Life Always Guides Us, Repeating the Same Patterns

There’s a way that life always guides us and time and time again, it repeats the same patterns, in different situations and with different people, so that we open our eyes.

Isn’t it strange that someone had 4 partners in a row that were unfaithful to them? Isn’t it interesting that the same situation has been repeated in a family generation after generation? This isn’t just a coincidence…

When the same pattern is repeated, we have to stop ourselves and analyze what is happening so that it doesn’t happen again.

It isn’t good for us to blame anyone, as we know, because the responsibility is ours. There is something, an attitude that provokes us and attracts us to the same situations over and over again.

Maybe we’re afraid of being alone and so we go with the first person that wants to be with us? Perhaps it’s selfishness that has been passed down for generations?

Stopping and analyzing all of this helps us to understand why we feel like we’re in an endless loop that doesn’t seem to have an end.

Opening Your Eyes Could Hurt

Opening Your Eyes Could Hurt

In many cases, opening your eyes is something that could happen late. It’s when we look into our past that we realize that life guides us, but we often ignore this.

This could hurt us, making us think that we’ve lost valuable time. However, as the saying goes, “better late than never.”

Also, it’s important to warn you that opening your eyes at the important moment can hurt, a lot.

  • Be aware that the person that we are with may not do us any good, and that we can be with them blindly. Realizing this can be revealing, but also heartbreaking.

Many people choose to live their lives with their eyes closed, feeling sorry for themselves and the circumstances they’re in, and always blaming someone close to them for what’s happening.

However, life always guides us. We have to be prepared to discover and interpret its signs. But, to do that, we have to put the blame, victimization, and blindness aside.