One Day You’ll Realize that Patience Really is a Virtue

· April 16, 2016

Patience really is a virtue that many people don’t know how to do well.

Above all, this is because we spend our time postponing things and waiting for this and that to happen. Then all of a sudden we start to lose control of our life.

Having said that, although many people may say that our dreams turn into reality when we stop waiting and start to act, this is not always the case. Sometimes we may fight everyday for our dreams and sacrifice everything, but then fail to achieve these dreams.

What will be will be, when the time is right. For instance, no one can force true love to appear whenever they want it to.

It’s also not in our power to get a great job, find a best friend, or live life to the fullest, all at once or overnight.

We must create our own reality, but we must also be patient. Below we invite you to think about this topic.

Don’t give up on patience: some things are worth waiting for

A pregnancy lasts nine months. A relationship that ends in true love develops overtime. A cake has a specific cooking time and certain ingredients, and these ingredients are added in specific quantities.

Everything requires time, care, interest and above all, patience. Impatience is never a good friend. Things in our lives that develop too quickly never turn out the way we want them to.

Now, how can you be patient if life has brought us more disappointments than joy so far?

This is a common mistake that many people make: if there is no trust and hope in your pursuits, you’ll start looking at them in a different way. In other words, you may simply stop believing that good things will happen to you.

And this is what happens. Let’s think about this further below.

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When bad things happen to good people

How can I wait for great things to happen when I’ve had nothing but bad things happen to me?

We have all had this thought cross our mind at one point. Sometimes problems happen to people who least deserve it, such as noble individuals who have to cope in the face of adversity without knowing how to.

It’s during these vital moments when some lose their confidence and the expectation that they can achieve their dreams, or even that they can get back some of the happiness they had before.

However, when you’re in these complex situations, instead of asking “why me?” substitute this phrase for “what can I do now that I’m faced with this situation?”

Other substitutions are as follows:

  • My partner just left me ⇒ “What can I do now that I’m faced with this situation?” ⇒ Learn how to live, fight, try and find happiness again.
  • The doctor said I have an illness ⇒ “What can I do now that I’m faced with this situation?” ⇒ Fight every day for myself and family. After this fight and wait, I’ll get my victory, and my health will get better
  • I lost my job ⇒ “What can I do now that I’m faced with this situation?” ⇒ I can reinvent myself, start over from scratch and pursue a different career path, and not give up. Sooner or later I’ll get to where I want to go.

The art of waiting for good things to happen

There are some people who have simply given up on waiting for good things, as well as on any change to happen in their life. In some cases, we fall into a certain inertia, a certain despondency, where we get overwhelmed by whatever has yet to come, whatever that may be.

However, this isn’t enough. Those who wait, are not immobile, and don’t fill their minds with negative thoughts such as “that is never going to happen to me” or “that ship has already sailed.”

  • In life, we have to wait for progress in our best dress, and with enthusiasm. We also have to fight every day. Although there may be many coincidences in our life and luck may be on our side when we least expect it, the famous “Law of Attraction” doesn’t always come into fruition.
  • Soon after wishing something, the stars and our destiny will align in order to structure our desires. We basically have to practice the art of waiting with our eyes wide open, our intuition turned on and our hands endlessly busy, in order to transform our reality.

Trust your intuition

This is, without a doubt, an essential skill to practice. In fact, learning how to trust your intuition is equally important as learning how to wait, because the former skill allows us to assess the opportunity we were waiting for and also gives us closure after we have waited so long.

It’s vital to pinpoint the right moment to make that “big leap” of faith, which will help us achieve our goal, that is, our particular desire.

Imagine that the love of your life or your partner who you’re in love with, but haven’t take a chance with, is in front of you. It’s possible that you have experienced many failures in the past, and all these painful experiences make you unable to trust your intuition.

But sooner or later you will regret this.

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Fear is always the main factor that stops us from being happy. This is why the art of knowing how to wait is also a skill that allows us to free ourselves from our own fears, little by little.

It’s worth making that leap of faith after waiting for so long.