Never Leave These 8 Things in Your Bathroom

Since there are many things that are convenient to keep in the bathroom, it makes us think that it is the ideal place to leave them. However,  they can end up accumulating a lot of dangerous bacteria.
Never Leave These 8 Things in Your Bathroom

Last update: 01 April, 2019

The bathroom seems to be the center of our morning routine. You may think you have very good cleaning habits and believe that this room is exceptionally clean and immaculate.  

Even though you have every reason to believe this, it’s important to remember that this area of the house harbors bacteria and dangerous toxins.

Maybe since childhood, you’ve had the habit of leaving your toothbrush in the bathroom because it seems more practical, but it’s not a good idea for your health.

8 things you should never leave in your bathroom


If there is one item that people leave in the bathroom, it’s the toothbrush. It’s easier to simply walk in and pick it up. However, there are risks, especially if there are others who use the room.

Researchers at the University of Quinnipiac, Connecticut, found fecal matter in 60% of the toothbrushes kept in shared baths, regardless of how they are stored.

This means that even though you have good habits when all is said and done you are promoting bacterial growth. 

You shouldn’t forget that the bathroom is a very humid area. This prevents your toothbrush from drying completely between use.  Our recommendation is that you put your toothbrush in your room or in a very dry part of the house.

To avoid getting your toothbrush dirty you can get a container. Some completely cover it and others just cover the bristles.

2. Medicine


Heat and humidity in the bathroom diminish the effectiveness of the medicine. In some cases, they can lose their effectiveness before their expiration date.

To store your medicines remember:

  • Choose places that are clean and dry. Any drawer in your room is a good idea. In contrast, the kitchen presents the same problems as the bathroom, so it’s better to avoid it.
  • Keep medicines in their original packaging. These identify their purpose. You can also check the expiration date so you can avoid doing harm or getting medicine switched with someone else’s medicine.
  • Store medicine in a place where children can’t get their hands on it.

3. Razor Blades

Humidity can cause razor blades to rust, even before they are used. The only time you can store them in the bathroom is when they are in sealed packaging.

This advice is also true for scissors and other metal items that can oxidate easily.

4. Makeup in your bathroom

Keeping your makeup in the bathroom can be an inconvenience and it will not last long. It will most likely expire before the official expiration date on the packaging.  

Heat and humidity degrade your eye shadows, blush, lipsticks and foundations little by little. Also, bacteria can easily get into makeup. It’s best to keep your makeup in a dry place in your bedroom. One of our beauty tricks is to keep nail polish in the refrigerator so it doesn’t get thick and dry.

makeup bathroom

5. Perfume

Your favorite perfume may develop a rank odor if you leave it in the bathroom for an extended period of time. High temperatures and steam may cause the fragrance to change.

Our advice is to keep perfumes in your room in a drawer where the temperature is relatively constant.

6. Condoms

Do you have a place in your bathroom that is very discreet and it seems like the perfect place to keep your prophylactics? This is a big mistake. The right place would be in the night stand.

The exposure to heat and humidity can damage condoms over time, diminishing effectiveness.

7.  Jewelry

Just like razor blades, your good jewelry and favorite costume jewelry may become affected due to the moisture in the air.

Imitation items and those that are plated with metal may begin to turn color. Silver will tarnish the quickest.

It’s ideal to have a little box for jewelry.  These special boxes close well and usually have a lining of suede. The purpose of a box is to keep out the dust and to allow the jewelry to always remain in good condition.

8. Combs and brushes


Bushes and combs left out in the open also have a propensity to collect germs. This is also possible if you keep them in a box.  This isn’t good if kept in a drawer either, since it may be damp like the bathroom.

Humidity in the air helps the bacteria grow and can also cause the formation of mold in the toothbrush. Keeping these items in your room is the best idea. 

As you can see, storing things in the bathroom is certainly not the greatest idea. If you have doubts about an item that we have not mentioned, think about whether or not there could be a problem with the development of germs.

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