Naturally Detox Your Body with a 3-Day Plan

Just like we take showers, wash our clothes and brush our teeth every day, our bodies need to be periodically cleansed from within. One simple way to start doing this is to drink a glass of cold water when you get out of bed and when you're getting ready to go to sleep.
Naturally Detox Your Body with a 3-Day Plan

Last update: 07 December, 2018

Due to the foods we eat, the toxins in our bodies increase throughout the day. To that we can add stress, environmental pollution and the different problems in our lives.  It becomes clear that our bodies are being filled up with negative substances that need to be removed from time to time. In the following article, you’ll learn how to naturally detox your body with a 3-day pan.

Why should I cleanse my body?

We all shower, wash our clothes and brush our teeth regularly. In the same way our bodies also need to be periodically cleansed within. You should naturally detox your body in order to get rid of the toxins and chemicals that build up. These are found in refined flour, sugar, fried foods and the animal products (meat and dairy) that you consume every day.

Additionally, detoxing your body is a necessary process because most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle. We are daily exposed to environmental pollution, stress, altered emotional states and worries.

A woman showing off her flat stomach.

This process can go on for a number of years, weakening your organs and your body in general. That’s why we tend to suffer from certain illnesses, feel tired, get stomach aches, and get regular colds. We look in the mirror and see that our reflection looks pale and washed-out.

If you are able to understand these signs as a signal sent by your organism, then you should start paying a bit more attention to your body.

Although one option would be to start eating a raw vegan diet, not everyone is up for that kind of challenge. You don’t need to deprive yourself of the foods you love. Instead, you should try to eat healthier and make fast food the exception to the rule. That way, your body will start to naturally get rid of the toxins that have built up inside it, letting you lead a healthier life.

How to naturally detox your body

Consume organic products

You’ve surely got a local market that sells organic fruits, vegetables and other foods. Although these products are a bit more expensive than the conventional products at the supermarket, they are of a higher quality. They won’t have the fertilizers, pesticides and growth hormones that traditional products contain.

If you have some extra space in your back yard, try starting a small garden to plant your own natural foods.

A selection of iron-rich foods

Drink a lot of water

Water hydrates your organs and, when you urinate, it allows you to get rid of waste that has built up in the body. You should drink at least 4 pints of water per day (eight glasses) to naturally detox your body. If it’s hot outside, you’re playing sports or having a very hectic day, increase that amount of water.

We suggest drinking a glass of cold water when you get out of bed and another when you’re getting ready to go to sleep. You can also hydrate by eating fruits and vegetables with high water content. These include apples, watermelon, tomatoes and cucumbers. Alternatively, you can try drinking natural, sugar-free fruit juice and teas, especially green tea.

Eat more fiber

The main benefit of fiber is similar to that of water. It allows us to eliminate toxins, in this case through our feces. Fiber improves digestive function, and prevents constipation. It also allows the body to get rid of all the preservatives and waste that build up in the digestive tract. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, seeds, nuts and fruit will provide you with plenty of fiber.

Don’t drink coffee or alcohol

These two beverages are extremely popular, but they’re not good for our organism. The reason is that they force the liver and kidneys to work harder. This can damage them and cause illnesses like obesity and diabetesAlthough one glass of wine is fine with dinner, we recommend limiting your alcohol consumption to that amount. In terms of coffee, try to get your hands on natural coffee instead of the industrial kind.

Consume purifying foods

Some of the most recommendable foods to naturally detox your body are lemons (mix the juice with water), and beets (they have lots of fiber). Other great foods are garlic (gets rid of bacteria that cause disease) and dandelion (use it to make tea or add a few raw leaves to a salad).

A cup of dandelion tea.

3-day diet to naturally detox your body

First day

  • For breakfast, eat 10 oz of chopped fruit, a cup of skim yogurt, two tablespoons of wheat bran or oatmeal, five tablespoons of wheat cereal. Finish it off with a cup of green tea without sugar.
  • At mid-morning, prepare 8 oz of fresh fruit or 1 oz of nuts and two glasses of water.
  • For lunch, have a raw or cooked vegetable salad, 8 oz of fish, chicken or turkey (not fried), a cup of brown rice and two glasses of water.
  • In the afternoon, 8 oz of fresh fruit and two glasses of water.
  • For dinner, have a bowl of vegetable soup, a cup of yogurt and two tablespoons of wheat bran.

Second day

A plate of Japanese salad.

  • For breakfast, have a glass of pineapple juice with one tablespoon of flaxseed, a slice of whole wheat toast with low-fat cheese and a cup of chamomile tea.
  • At mid-morning, have half of a sweet potato and then a cup of green tea.
  • For lunch, prepare a cup of brown rice, a grilled fish filet and a salad with lettuce, tomato, celery and radish.
  • At mid-afternoon, eat a bit of fruit, and for lunch, a bowl of creamed vegetables and a cup of gelatin.

Third day

A plate of smoked salmon.

  • For breakfast, have a cup of pineapple juice, a bowl of skim yogurt and a slice of whole wheat toast with ham or turkey.
  • Then, at mid-morning, eat a handful of nuts.
  • For lunch, make pasta salad with whole wheat noodles, broccoli, carrots and peas, along with 8 oz of chicken or turkey (not fried).
  • In the afternoon, have a piece of fruit, and then for dinner, prepare a piece of fish with lemon juice.
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