Keep a Firm Chest with 5 Easy Exercises

To prevent your chest from sagging and to keep it firm, it’s essential to exercise your chest muscles. Good posture is also key to achieving your goal.
Keep a Firm Chest with 5 Easy Exercises

Last update: 07 February, 2019

Your breasts are a physically attractive area that changes in appearance throughout the stages of life. While everyone wants to keep a firm chest, the passage of time, hormonal activity, and lifestyle habits can cause sagging and drooping.

This is because your skin and the muscles around your breasts lose strength and elasticity, which changes the shape, texture, and size of your chest.

While it’s normal and unavoidable, some may suffer from these effects prematurely due a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, or breastfeeding.

Fortunately, practicing some regular exercises will help keep them firm and toned, even when you’re already suffering from some of the negative effects of time.

In today’s article, we want to share some simple exercises that will help you take care of the appearance of your chest through your training routine.

Start today!

1. Opening the chest

keep a firm chest
This simple exercise can be done in the comfort of your home using hand weights.

It will tone the muscles around your breasts and help strengthen your shoulders and neck.

How do you do it?

  • Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  • Keep your back straight and tighten your abdomen.
  • Hold a weight in each hand and raise your arms so that your elbows are aligned with your shoulders.
  • Close your arms in front of your body, keeping your elbows slightly bent.
  • Repeat this same movement 10 to 12 times.
  • Complete three sets.

2. Push-ups against the wall

While there are many ways to do push-ups, this exercise is done against the wall to avoid any complications.

This exercise works your entire upper body, toning your chest and increasing the strength of your shoulders.

How do you do it?

  • Stand facing a wall, with your feet at hip-width. Lean against the wall using your palms as support.
  • Push with your arms, ensuring that they’re parallel to each other, and slowly flex your elbows.
  • Do 10 to 12 push-ups without removing your hands from the wall.
  • Rest for one minute and do three sets.

3. Standing butterfly

Standing butterfly
The butterfly exercise works your upper muscle groups, especially around your chest and shoulders.

How do you do it?

  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent.
  • Hold a weight in each hand and stretch your arms out to shoulder height.
  • Next, bring your arms toward the center of your chest and rotate them sideways.
  • Perform 10 repetitions and complete three sets.

4. Chest weight lifts

This exercise is a bit more complicated than the previous ones, but it has many benefits for the chest and your entire upper body area.

Ideally, you shouldstart with a small amount of weight and increase it slowly as you get stronger.

How do you do it?

  • Position a chair against a wall, and sit with your back supported throughout the exercise.
  • Hold a weight in each hand, maximum of five pounds, and stretch your arms to the side.
  • Bend your elbows so that they’re in line with your shoulders and raise them above your head.
  • Return to the starting position and perform three sets of 12 repetitions.

5. Forward raises

Forward raises
This activity will complement the previous one to add firmness to your bust.

How do you do it?

  • Sit in a chair with your back straight and feet flat on the floor.
  • Hold a weight in each hand and extend your arms forward, side by side.
  • From this position, raise your arms to cheek height and then lower to the starting position (at chest height).
  • Do 10 repetitions with each arm, alternating them, until you complete three sets.

Other things to consider…

Remember that in addition to performing these exercises, you need to keep a healthy diet that’s rich in essential fatty acids, protein, and antioxidants.

Increase your water consumption to keep your muscles hydrated, and use topical creams and masks.

Pay attention to your posture, as this streamlines your figure and keeps your breasts lifted.

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