5 Natural Stimulants to Increase Your Energy

Are you tired and not sure how to remedy the situation? These natural stimulants can give you the energy you need in just a few minutes - give them a try!
5 Natural Stimulants to Increase Your Energy

Last update: 29 October, 2020

Some days you need an extra dose of energy to be able to face the day ahead a bit better. But, although there are supplements that promise this, sometimes the results are not what you expect. Therefore, why not resort to natural stimulants to increase your energy?

There are many stimulating products that you probably have in your own home. In this article, you’ll discover 5 options that might just make a difference. Most of them have one substance in common–caffeine–but not all of them.

Natural stimulants to increase your energy

Don’t worry if you can’t drink caffeine for various reasons. Among the options you’ll find below, there are several that don’t contain this stimulant, although they do continue to provide you with that extra energy you need.

1. Rosemary

As this article published in Scripta Ethnological, explains, rosemary has stimulating properties. So, if you feel tired or a little weary, you can drink an infusion of rosemary. In just a few minutes, you may notice that you have more energy.

2. Red ginseng

Red ginseng is an energy tonic widely used among athletes who need to maintain their energy during physical exertion. In addition, it’s one of the natural stimulants that increase your energy and also promotes well-being, as pointed out in Natura Medicatrix: Revista médica para el estudio y difusión de las medicinas alternativas.

The most recommendable thing is that you prepare red ginseng as an infusion and take it when you’re a little tired. The effects will soon become evident.

Uses of ginseng as a natural remedy.
This plant has stood out for many years for its energy properties. It’s even been used by athletes as a supplement.

3. Guarana

The guarana fruit is native to the Amazon, and is very rich in vitamins and caffeine, as this scientific article published in the journal Vitae points out. Therefore, it can be a good stimulant if you’re tired or fatigued.

The way you can consume this fruit is in powder form. The seeds are ground until they acquire this fine consistency so you can mix them with yogurt or juice.

4. Yerba mate, one of the natural stimulants to increase your energy

Yerba mate has become quite fashionable lately and many people have started drinking it. Although, at first, its taste is unpleasant, your palate ends up getting used to it.

The way to consume this natural stimulant is in the form of an infusion. It contains caffeine and will give you the energy you need, as evidenced by this study published in the Anales de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad de la República, Uruguay.

5. Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a remedy known for its beneficial properties for memory loss or concentration disorders, among others, as pointed out by this research published in Medicina Naturista. It also contains a certain amount of caffeine, so it can be helpful in increasing your energy as well.

The best way to take ginkgo biloba is as an infusion. You can buy it ready-made or buy the leaves and prepare it yourself. In a few minutes, you may start to notice its effects. It’s also available in supplements.

A cup of ginkgo biloba tea.
The infusion and the extracts of ginkgo biloba help to increase physical and mental energy. In addition, they promote well-being.

More tips

Now that you’ve discovered some natural stimulants to increase your energy, we want to give you some additional tips for those days when you’re especially tired and unsure why.

  • Change your diet: If you eat large meals, this may be the reason why you’re often tired. Make some changes; don’t eat to the point of feeling full, and introduce more fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • Do sports: Even if it means walking for 30 minutes, physical activity is one of the best natural stimulants to increase your energy. Just try to be consistent.
  • Get out of the house: Interacting with other people will give you a great dose of energy. But if you lock yourself up in the house, the tiredness will only be accentuated. Try to go out, even if it’s just to do some shopping.

About natural stimulants to increase your energy

What works for you when you’re low on energy? Have you detected what causes you to feel fatigued? In addition to the natural remedies we’ve proposed, don’t forget these 3 final tips. Improving your diet, doing exercise, and getting out of the house are fundamental factors to feeling much more energetic.

We encourage you to get started and begin introducing these small changes into your daily life today. Before you know it, you’ll notice the difference. You’ll have more energy, more vitality, and a greater desire to face the day.

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