This section has all the best articles on preventing and treating certain disorders, health issues, and common illnesses from a natural, alternative medicine approach. Learn what foods are advisable for your particular health issues, as well as helpful exercises, treatments, massages, and relaxation techniques.

Natural Solutions for Tendonitis

Your tendons are like elastic bands that connect muscles and bones. They are located in many parts of the body and are responsible for keeping your joints flexible.  Tendonitis is the inflammation of these areas or bands. It’s a common…

5 Home Remedies For Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are characterized by a sensation of heat that can be accompanied by profuse sweating, reddening of the skin and heart palpitations. They are related to the hormonal changes that women experience in stages like menopause, but they can also happen…

10 Home Remedies for Excess Uric Acid

Uric acid is a waste product your body produces when you metabolize purines, a compound that’s found in certain foods. This substance travels through your bloodstream and is later eliminated through the urine after being processed though your kidneys.

5 Natural Solutions for Curing Styes

Styes are small, red bumps on the edge of your eyelid that looks like a pimple. They’re sensitive to the touch, can contain pus and are caused by a bacterial infection from Staphylococcus aureus. They isn’t serious, since it can…