Natural Juices that May Help Detoxify Your Kidneys

Keeping your kidneys clean and toxin-free is imperative. Here are some natural juices that may help detoxify your kidneys!
Natural Juices that May Help Detoxify Your Kidneys

Last update: 06 June, 2020

If you want to enjoy good health, you most certainly need to pay attention to your organs, eat well, and occasionally take supplements that may help the body cleanse itself, especially after the holidays.

In this article, we’ll explain why it’s so important to purify your kidneys and how different natural fruit and vegetable juices may help do so.

Why should you detoxify your kidneys?

Your kidneys are responsible for cleansing your blood of potentially harmful substances, allowing them to exit your body through the urine. Plus, they help regulate water retention.

These vital organs are crucial to your survival, meaning that you should take care of them and keep them balanced by eating healthily and, specifically, by helping detoxify your body with different cleansing foods and supplements.

Natural juices

Natural juices are an easy, healthy way to get a lot of nutrients in a short amount of time.

We recommend starting out your day with one of these juices. They may help you feel lighter because you’ll be getting rid of excess water retention. Also, you may feel more energetic and you’ll be able to better fight off renal disorders.

You can choose one of the following or, even better, alternate between these different options.

Apple and celery juice

Celery is one of the best diuretic vegetables out there and, thanks to its subtle flavor, you can include it in just about any juice mixture, including this recipe.

In this case, we’ll mix it with apples, not only because apples lend the drink a nice, sweet flavor, but because apples provide a wide range of nutrients, can be combined with just about any other food, and also may help alleviate renal disorders.


  • One stalk of fresh, green celery, including the bottom part and the leaves.
  • 3 apples (if organic, you can process them with the peel).
  • Optional: A few fresh mint leaves.
Apple and celery juice to detoxify your kidneys.

Lettuce and fennel juice that may help detoxify your kidneys

This surprising combination has a delicious flavor and provides you with lots of beneficial properties, as well as a new way to consume lettuce, especially good for people who have a hard time digesting this vegetable.

Lettuce has incredible diuretic properties and can also help regulate your nervous system, making this juice perfect for the afternoon or evening.

Fennel’s particular flavor gives this juice a bit of sweetness while helping you to eliminate excess liquids.


  • 5 leaves of green or red leaf lettuce, washed (avoid iceberg lettuce, which has hardly any nutrients).
  • One piece of fresh fennel root.
  • One teaspoon of honey.
Lemon and fennel juice.

Tomato, onion, and saltwater juice

Onions are one of the best foods for your kidneys. For this recipe, you should combine tomatoes, a potassium-rich food, with a bit of saltwater. Saltwater is a natural supplement that may help balance out your system and detoxify your kidneys.

Although this element is salty, it has a lot of nutrients and can reduce your risk of water retention by helping your kidneys get rid of excess liquids.


  • 4 ripe tomatoes.
  • Half an onion.
  • 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.
  • 4 tablespoons of saltwater.
Tomato, onion, and saltwater juice.

Other tips that may help detoxify your kidneys

Your kidneys, along with your liver, are the only organs that benefit from direct heat, because these vital organs tend to get cold. Plus, your kidneys are strongly connected to your energy level, and applying heat to them may improve your health and well-being.

Try applying heat to your kidneys for half an hour per day with a heating pad or a hot water bottle, or by covering the entire area with natural wool. We especially recommend using this tip during cold seasons.

You should also avoid substances that are bad for your kidneys:

  • Milk and dairy products.
  • White sugar.
  • Salt.
  • Medications.
  • You should limit the amount of protein you consume, especially animal proteins, because they stress the kidneys.
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