Myths and Truths of Laser Hair Removal

Before getting laser hair removal, it's a good idea to know the myths and truths that surround this practice so you know what to expect.
Myths and Truths of Laser Hair Removal

Last update: 23 November, 2018

Have you ever considered receiving laser hair removal? Sure, but in the end you have not dared to do it due to certain myths that surround this type of hair removal.

The problem of this lies in ignorance and in that there are other methods that we know and that do not generate any doubt. Maybe because our friends use them and because laser hair removal is not among their options.

For this reason, and to shed some light on this method of hair removal unknown to some people, we will discover some myths and truths of laser hair removal. In this way, we will solve any doubts we may have. Go for it!

Myths about laser hair removal

We will start by solving some myths about laser hair removal that are quite widespread and that are not true. Myths that generate fear and doubts and that prevent people who might be interested from accessing this type of hair removal.

1. Laser hair removal causes skin cancer

Man receiving laser hair removal treatment

There are people who believe that laser hair removal causes skin cancer, because they consider it a very aggressive method to remove hair. However, laser hair removal destroys the hair, but does not damage the skin at any time.

However, it is true that those who have a history of skin cancer should go to the doctor to get their approval to undergo this type of hair removal.

Due to their background, it may not be good to be exposed to laser hair removal.

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2. Laser hair removal is very painful

Many people believe that laser hair removal is very painful because they have heard that some people put on a previous cream to have less pain. However, this depends on the sensitivity of each person. However, the reality is that the discomfort is minimal.

Laser hair removal is not painful nor will it cause us to not return due to pain. Yes, you feel a slight sensation of heat, but nothing that we can not tolerate.

3. Laser hair removal is very expensive

Electric hair removal machine

We may initially believe that laser hair removal is expensive. However, we must see the benefits that we will achieve in the long term.

Well, are we aware of how much we spend monthly on hair removal bands or waxes? What about when we remove hair by shaving? In the time that we lose when we are waxed, or by shaving with an electric razor?

Laser hair removal is a very good investment that saves time and money in the long term. With the passage of time and after several sessions, we will only have to go once a year to review and sometimes not even that!

Everything depends on the thickness of our hairs and their growth.

Truths of laser hair removal

Once we have seen the common myths of laser hair removal, we will discover the truths that it contains.

Surely, now we are more calm about many doubts we had and we will understand much more what this method of hair removal consists of.

1. People with thin, blonde hair will not work

It is true that not all people will have a depilatory laser treatment. People who have fine, very blond hair are very likely not to be able to undergo this method, because it will be a waste of money.

The reason why this method does not work in this type of skin is that having little  melanin will need a greater number of sessions to obtain results and, even then, they will not be insured.

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2. Before each session you have to shave

Woman shaving her legs

This is another truth about laser hair removal and is that, although it seems a nuisance to always shave before going to a hair removal session. Although we already have few hairs, we have to do it.

It is important that we know that we should not pull out the hair. The reason is that the laser has to act on the hair. weakening it to detach and not grow back. If there is no hair, laser hair removal will not work.

3. You have to be careful with the sun

Many people believe that they should not be exposed to the sun after laser hair removal, but what they do not know is that they should not do it before. In general, it is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun neither 3 days before nor 3 days later.

Also, it will be important to use a sunscreen with high protection and avoid using any type of self-tanner. The skin will be sensitive and exposed and, if we put it in the sun without following these measures, we can injure it.

If you have ever had laser hair removal, we would like to know your experience. If you have not done it yet, would you be encouraged to do it? Do you think it would be a good option for you?

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