Moving as a Couple without Losing Your Mind

December 21, 2019
Moving as a couple can be a source of a lot of stress, and it often generates conflicts. So, in addition to patience, you'll have to exercise your assertiveness, empathy and understanding. Today, we'd like to give you some tips on how to go about it.

Trying to overcome the stress of moving as a couple is one of those rites of passage that few of us can escape. This is a big change that completely impacts our world. We’ll probably all experience it at one point or another. You’ll get a clue that you’re stressed out when those little things you found so cute in your significant other suddenly become a big deal.

Would you like to know how to deal with the stress of moving as a couple? If so, keep reading!

Moving as a Couple without Stress

A woman seated on the floor surrounded by boxes.
Organizing and cleaning everything before the move will make the process more efficient.

You have a new home, new neighbors, and you’re approaching new paths that will inevitably impact you. Still, don’t let your anxiety overcome you. It’s important to always find the positive side of it all and make the most out of it. Also, make sure to take some measures to make sure it remains a balanced and sort-of-enjoyable process.

Your peace of mind and positive energy must prevail when you’re working on organizing your move, especially when you’re doing it with another person. The control of your emotions is essential to avoid the stress it can cause. So, follow these tips to stay calm.

The day before the move

Way before the day of the move, try to discard those objects you no longer use. Generally, cleaning is a helpful method of organization. It’ll save you a lot of work when you decide to move. You’ll find a lot of things that you don’t even know why you saved in the first place, begin by getting rid of those.

Then, once you agree as a couple on the exact date to move, you can begin to plan things you both need to get done daily. Otherwise, you’ll leave everything until the last day and you’ll be extremely overwhelmed. In brief, keep in mind there’ll be unexpected inconveniences and other unforeseen events, and they’ll probably stress you out. So, try to avoid them by planning.

For example, you could sketch where you’d like to place every piece of furniture in your new home. So, this is a good way to obtain specific information about how you both will adapt to your new environment. Likewise, this is the time to figure out if you’re getting rid of something or if you need to buy something new.

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Packing your belongings

Those with previous experience in moving can attest to the fact that it’s nearly impossible to complete the entire task in one single day. So, begin packing your belongings in advance and don’t forget to sort and label them. Also, separate what you use every day from what you seldom use.

Write the number of objects on the label as well as some sort of meaningful description. Also, try to add in which room these items should go into. Emphasize if there are any fragile contents in the boxes. This information will be very helpful for the transfer of your belongings as well as when you unpack them.

The day you’re moving as a couple

A happy couple in the middle of a moving endeavor.
Focus on the positive side of the move and surround yourself with family and friends to share the first moments in your new home with.

Everyone’s spirits will be off the day of the move, so remain patient. This kind of experience brings out a mixture of happiness for what’s new but also a nostalgia for what’s left behind. So, try to focus as much as you can on the positive aspects.

Sharing a move with your significant other and having help from your friends and family is always a good plan. We recommend that you assign roles in advance to avoid chaos. In some cases, you can move with your vehicles, but there’ll be times when you’ll have to hire a moving service. Whatever your choice, make sure to schedule enough time for it.

The new organization method

Once you’re finally in your house you’ll be surrounded by all sorts of boxes, packages, and loose furniture. Obviously, it’ll take a few days to finish arranging everything where it belongs. Count on there being changes to your previous plan as well as readjustments. Remember that patience is the best ally you have to overcome the stress of the move at that particular moment.

The goal of sharing a home with your significant other is now practically accomplished and you must allow yourself to begin enjoying it. It’s most convenient to arrange what you’ll use immediately and you can sort out the rest in the following days.

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Resting is essential after moving as a couple

A happy couple relaxing on the couch.
Look for moments to disconnect from the move and rest. Your body and mind will thank you.

The desire to have the home of your dreams may lead you to work too much on it. You’ll feel the tension of the move and the physical effort of those days afterward. So, allow yourself to take a break and be able to recharge so as not to alter your mood in a bad way. Remember, there’s plenty of time to organize, clean, decorate. After all, you now live there!

Stay calm by planning ahead

Overall, it’s important to make a detailed list with the days, tasks and roles of each member of a couple will help you avoid tension and subsequent stress. Keep in mind that there’ll always be unforeseen events and that it shouldn’t affect your mood. Deal with this change in as laidback a manner as possible. Finally, don’t forget to visualize your future home together and enjoy it!

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