How to Move On Independently After a Breakup

Even though at first it was hard for me, now, with each day, I forget you a little more. I focus on myself and my wellbeing, because life goes on
How to Move On Independently After a Breakup

Last update: 20 January, 2019

The first days after a breakup are truly hell, it’s when we can barely move on. However, We all have the ability to overcome it and move forward.

When we break up with someone, we have to go through the pain that can almost feel like hell. Obsessive thoughts, doubts, the need to go back in time, etc. Nevertheless, this is all natural. Forgetting someone who had been an essential part of our lives, with whom we shared so many things, is hard.

But even so, when we least expect it, we realize we were able to close that chapter and restart our lives. 

How to Move On Independently After a Breakup

I forget you, but sometimes I remember you

Most of the time I forget about you since after the breakup I continued living my life like before. This is because at work there is no “break up low” that can be considered serious.

I continue to wake up at the same time, even though sometimes I think that it’s pointless. I eat, a little less, but I eat. However, the food doesn’t seem to have much taste.

While I work, I forget about you, while I talk to my colleagues, I forget about you. But, when I get home and my house is waiting, empty, I sink into the abyss.

You were always waiting for me before, but now there’s a terrifying silence. When I go to bed, you’re no longer there to hug me and keep me warm.

When we end a relationship with someone, we fight against a routine that was built for years. Despite the fact that change is good, we have a lot of reluctance when it comes to it. It’s natural that we can’t forget about this person who was so important to us overnight. However, sooner or later, we will do it.

Therefore, it’s very important that we don’t hang on to the idea that we can’t live without that person. Because yes, you can! And you deserve to move on.

I have broken up with my partner. What do I do?

Sadness after a breakup

By breaking up with our partner, we feel lost. Many places remind us of them and our thoughts are full of “maybes,” doubts, and wishes to go back in time. However, it’s time to learn how to move on and continue with our lives.

It could even be that we feel that we’re responsible for the failure of the relationship. But, we have to accept what has happened, an live in the present. Despite there’s no way to change the past, we can still learn from it.

And so, to cope with the situation a little better, what should you do?

Take care of yourself and pamper yourself a lot

Starting to eat poorly, not exercising and letting laziness take over is a very bad thing. We put ourselves in a defeated mood that won’t help us in any way. We tend to self-destruct, feeling we’re not important.

  • Even though you have the feeling that the food is tasteless, you should try to eat properly and healthy.
  • Going out and exercising keeps your mind in the present. It distracts and helps you feel better.

Use our friends and family as support

Besides tending to neglect ourselves, we also isolate from those around us. For the simple reason that we try to keep all of the sadness that we feel inside, instead of showing it out. But the truth is, that we shouldn’t be ashamed to cry, talk about our feelings nor come completely undone. This can liberate us.

Furthermore, being around family and friends that know us and motivate us to hang out can be very positive. People that sincerely care about us are very important pillars.

Life doesn’t end with the relationship

Family after a breakup

It’s also important to analyze certain beliefs, such as: “the love of our life,” “our other half,” or “the life partner.”

Many people let life go by after a breakup because they wrongly think that this is all that life is about. Indeed they think that they will never find anyone else, or that they were destined to be just with that person. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Therefore, talking with friends and family about this can give them an encouraging and real perspective.

A break up is not an end, nor is it a disgrace. You have learned from it, people come and go, relationships start and end.

There is always life after a relationship.


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Letting go of an ex and moving on after a breakup is hard. Believe it or not, your life goes beyond that person and you will be happy again.