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Mindfulness for Children and Young Adults: Is it Effective?

If we are able to integrate the habit of mindfulness for children into their day-to-day lives, it can benefit many aspects of their lives and personality.
Mindfulness for Children and Young Adults: Is it Effective?

Last update: 13 March, 2019

Mindfulness has had a huge following. This is a practice that has helped many people alleviate some of their stress and anxiety. It has helped them enjoy a much fuller and more satisfactory life; however, what about mindfulness for children and young adults? Can mindfulness help them?

Kids are also exposed to a great amount of stress. Maybe teaching them this practice from an early age can save them a lot of effort in the future. Today, we want to take a look at some of the benefits of mindfulness for children and young adults.

 Mindfulness for Children
Three children practicing mindfulness during yoga mindfulness for children

Children are like sponges. Because of this, it’s a really good idea to have mindfulness for children. Teaching them this practice from a young age can have some really amazing benefits.

However, for this to be effective for them, they need to put some fun activities in action. These will give them what we really want: for them to understand and integrate the practice.

Bee Breath

One of the first exercises can be to teach them to do the “bee breath.” This consists of sitting up straight and paying attention to their breathing.

  • From there, they should tap their ears with their thumbs with their hands behind their heads.
  • Then, they should close their eyes and breathe deeply. When they exhale, they imitate the sound of bees “bzzzzzzz”.

The Worry Tree

Another one of the exercises is to tell them the story of the famous worry tree. This is where they give up their worries so that they don’t keep running around their minds. Then, it lets them be free.

If we teach them to do this from the time they’re small, we can teach them to not run around with a head full of worries. After all, these are thoughts that don’t take them anywhere. As a result, this will benefit them in the future.

Other Exercises

There are many mindfulness exercises that you can do. You may already know what some of them consist of. They include games like “the alert mental posture,” “the silent game,” “observe like detectives,” and “Pay attention, what do you hear?”

All of them are very effective if you do them regularly. This can be done both at home and at school as a habit.

Mindfulness for Young Adults
Mindfulness for children child meditating being mindful

Being a teen is tough. However, if you integrate mindfulness into the process, you can make it a little easier.

This practice is great for teens. This means that they can use variants of the exercises for children that we’ve seen. Now they’re at a stage where they understand perfectly, it’s easier for them to be able to understand the benefits.

As a result, if mindfulness is passed on to teens as a habit like eating, sleeping, or brushing their teeth, results will follow in the long run.

  • Thanks to this practice, young adults will gain patience.
  • Additionally, they will know how to better manage their emotions.
  • Plus, they’ll learn how to observe their thoughts without judging them. At the same time, they’ll leave their worrying mind behind. It’s the best way to help them rid themselves of their worries, fears, stress about exams, stress about getting the person they like to notice them, etc.
  • If they use mindfulness, they can even get better grades.
  • Consequently, they’ll grow personally and become more mature.

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Support from Parents
Parent and child mindfulness for children meditating together

Parents have a very big impact on their children. Because of this, getting them started with this practice as early as possible is extremely helpful.

It’s a win/win for everyone!

Plus, working on mindfulness together will also be an opportunity to spend quality time with your children. Additionally, you can all learn something new!

Don’t underestimate mindfulness. You can save yourself – and your children – from many unnecessary conflicts, worries, and stress. Plus, you will all mature and grow.

If this practice becomes a habit, it will be very effective. To do this, you need perseverance and patience.

Don’t expect to see results right away. After a single session with your child, you won’t improve their grades or control their outbursts of anger. This will only be possible with time and dedication.

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