Learn These Mental Tricks to Help You Lose Weight

07 October, 2020
Using mental tricks can be a good way to successfully regulate your meals and how much you eat. Therefore, we want to share some mental tricks to help you lose weight effectively and healthily.

Using mental tricks can be a good way to successfully regulate your meals and how much you eat. Therefore, we want to share some mental tricks to help you lose weight effectively and healthily.

1. Use Smaller Plates and Larger Glasses

When you use large plates, you subconsciously serve yourself more food.

The human brain is easily fooled by changes in perspective like something optical like this. By using this to your advantage, you can lightly reduce you eat without feeling like you’re depriving yourself.

So, size really does matter when it comes to your plate. But once you’ve found the right size plate, ask yourself another question: What am I going to put on this plate?

We often think about how much meat, chicken, fish, or stew we’re going to serve. Basically, we only focus on the protein.

Tomato salad on a small plate because using smaller plates is one of the mental tricks to help lose weight

This is where the mental trick comes in. If you begin by focusing on the vegetables, your meals will automatically become healthier.

As a side note, remember that your brain is easily fooled. If you eat something that tastes sweet but contains no sugar, like dietary sweeteners, your brain will no longer continue to crave something sweet and this makes it easier to not fall into a sugar trap.


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2. Count the Number of Times You Chew

The second of these mental tricks is a bit of a game to help you savor your food and pay more attention to what you’re eating. Count the number of times you chew and try to increase that number with each mouthful.

This way, you’ll avoid eating more than you need and you’ll feel more satisfied and full without feeling like you’re about to burst. This also helps you make healthier choices about your meals and lose weight.

Also, eat slower to appreciate what’s on your plate. It’s important to really have respect for your diet, and one way of doing this is to savor it more carefully.

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3. Measure Quantities before Serving

If you eat straight from the packet, you sometimes lose control over your portion size and probably end up eating more than you need. Therefore, it’s always best to measure your quantities first and never eat straight from the packet.

Mushroom based meal, mental tricks

Remember the trick about using smaller plates?

Well, you can do the same when serving. Use a smaller spoon when serving. You’ll subconsciously serve yourself a smaller portion.

4. Split Large Containers into Smaller Ones

Generally, when people eat more than they need, they consume more than 70% of the food they need, and obviously, more calories. But smaller portions can have us feeling just as satisfied and full as larger portions.

The fourth of our mental tricks consists in storing your food in smaller containers like plastic bags or TupperwareThis will help you feel as though you’ve eaten a whole packet and satisfy your brain.

A bowl of pistachio nuts mental tricks

For example, divide a bag of mixed nuts into smaller bags. When you have a craving for something savory or a between meal snack, just grab yourself a small bag

However, remember: Don’t eat directly from the packet! Serve it into a small plate or bowl.

5. Mental Tricks: Put the Most Healthy Foods in Clear Sight

The brain will always choose the nearest foods in reach. If you make sure that healthy food is always plainly visible and easy to get, you’ll make better decisions all the time.

Therefore, put fruit and vegetables in clear view where you can easily get them and hide all the food that isn’t going to help you or put them further out of reach.

Finally, if you what to stop fighting yourself, put your willpower to the test once in the supermarket. Try not to buy processed food or ready-made meals. With all these tricks, you’ll have a much healthier diet without giving in to cravings that stop you from losing weight.

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