Mental Health: What Can Help?

Mental health can be improved with physical exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and certain special habits and therapies. In this article, we'll present some effective tips to help optimize your mental wellbeing!
Mental Health: What Can Help?

Last update: 30 November, 2020

Mental health is about overall psychological wellbeing. This includes one’s own sense of wellbeing and a good ability to process feelings and manage relationships.

People with good mental health are able to control both behavior and emotions and are able to deal with problems in a more effective way.

To achieve stable mental health, we need to work on self-confidence, self-esteem, and stress management. In much the same way, establishing good relationships with other people is a fundamental pillar.

It’s important to know that being psychologically healthy implies much more than just not being depressed or anxious. Let’s discover why!

Physical wellbeing is linked to mental health

There’s a Latin phrase that says: “Mens sana in corpore sano”. This translates to “A healthy mind in a healthy body”. To achieve good mental health, we can’t forget to take care of our bodies.

When the physical state is improved, psychological wellbeing is increased as well. Although many people don’t know this, exercise also has beneficial effects on the brain. It helps release endorphins, whose chemical substance intervenes in the state of mind.

A research carried out at the University of the Basque Country found that physical exercise makes the brain feel gratitude.

Also, it activates the brain’s reward pathways, the areas of moral cognition such as the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex, and the anterior cingulate cortex. These are linked to the perception of emotions and motivation

Be careful with your habits

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It’s very important to think of our body as a whole, rather than as separate parts. The human body works in synchrony. Therefore, maintaining a good sleep pattern and a healthy diet are fundamental pillars for good mental health.

In the same way, we must avoid toxic habits. Consuming alcohol or taking any other exciting drug will alter mental health. Doctors insist we avoid them, since, in addition to an addiction problem, they can cause serious mood alterations.

A scientific study that was carried out in 2010 recommended yoga as an optimal treatment for addictions and bad habits, since we get psychological and physical benefits from this therapy.

Reduce stress to improve your mental health

Today’s modern lifestyle makes everyday life full of stressful situations and anxiety. Therefore, it’s essential to learn how to manage stress or at least reduce it a little to improve our mental health and overall wellbeing.

The idea is to compensate all those negative sensations of our daily routine with small things that make us happy or relax us. In this case, you can also try relaxing exercises such as yoga or pilates.

Similarly, taking short trips out of town or away from that negative environment can go a long way to improving the situation.

Express your opinions

It’s normal to sometimes be afraid or nervous to express your opinions or feelings. No one wants to feel rejected in a group or offend others. That’s why talking freely is often a bit complicated.

However, keeping one’s feelings, preferences, or ideas to oneself can cause mental health problems. You must learn to express yourself freely and without fear as it’ll help you feel a sense of freedom and calm.

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Mental health therapies

In addition to these tips, certain options help improve mental health. First, there’s psychotherapy. There are different types, but most provide similar benefits:

  • Provide the tools needed to better manage conflict and to change limiting beliefs.
  • Offer support and confidentiality, which helps to vent.
  • Very useful for getting to know oneself better.

Support groups are another alternative for improving mental health. They’re formed around a common, concrete problem and provide friendships, support, and examples of improvement.

Medicine is also essential for certain mental health problems. It establishes certain treatments based on scientific evidence, which significantly improve symptoms, although they depend on the type of condition and the patient. In some cases, hospital treatment may be necessary.


In conclusion, each person benefits from certain measures or treatments differently. Therefore, if something is threatening your mental health, you should see a specialist as soon as possible. Psychologists and psychiatrists are people who can help improve life and psychological wellbeing.

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