The True Value of Emotional Ties

03 April, 2019
There comes a moment in life when material things cease to matter and we realize that the most valuable thing in life are our emotional ties to people.

We truly feel at home when we’re around the people we really care about. The most valuable thing in life is not measured in material possessions. It’s measured in emotional ties.

We may forget this, or there may be times when we don’t realize how important it is. However the truth is that most things are easier when someone comes along with us.

Having an emotional heart rich in love and friendship is truly meaningful as time goes by. Over time you learn to value the capacity to love and have a shoulder to cry on.

Loving and valuing what surrounds us

Two hands joined together.

Emotional well-being is formed from satisfactory, healthy, and reciprocal relationships, which we sow our life path with.

Friends and family have different relevance in all the vital stages that make up our emotional growth.

As we get older, money, work or having a perfect figure no longer have as much relevance as they once did in our mental list of essential things we want from our life.

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Some women having coffee.

Our list of priorities changes throughout our life

Our attitude is determined by our priorities. This is why, when we look back, we realize how much we’ve changed.

We’re human beings and, by definition, we are changing beings. We learn and unlearn in all the different areas of our lives.

The different experiences make us realize how ephemeral life is. So, little by little we increasingly value the experience of connecting in a special way with other people. We value bonding emotionally with others, and having someone to laugh or cry with.

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A lady with a butterfly in her hand.

There are “magical people” surrounding us everywhere

“Magical people” are those who bring happiness into our life. Those that help us fly, shine and unload all those unnecessary burdens we accumulate along the way in our emotional baggage.

These are healthy, mutual relationships, that create a beautiful connection between us and our environment.

The sincere looks of these magical people lighten our sorrows and help us to get rid of the obstacles that we face. They’re relationships that help us to be more aware, more sensitive and more emotionally and socially skillful.

This is because there are certain things that we can only learn through the emotional ties we establish. For instance, we learn the importance of empathizing, listening, allowing the other person to say what they want to say, establishing good relationships, taking others into account and building fluid and effective dialogues.

Two elephants showing emotional ties.

Once again, the key is without a doubt to take take ourselves away from unimportant needs and to take the time to strengthen our emotional ties.

Because forging unions engages us in life. It encourages us to be better and to uncover those shadows that obscure our day-to-day lives.

It’s wonderful to have people close to us who we can have a sincere relationship with, and with whom we can forge a friendship free of selfishness, hypocrisy and bad feelings.

So keep those significant people who are a part of your life, as if your life depended on it, and keep on loving them. The only way to experience well-being in your daily life is through your emotional ties.