Make Your Own Planters at Home

Today we’ll show you how to make your own small planters at home, with an easy and above all, creative, way. Follow our tips!
Make Your Own Planters at Home

Last update: 14 September, 2018

Did you know that you can make small planters at home? All you need are a few materials and a bit of creativity.

Planters are an important decorative feature these days. It’s not just because they can show off part of your personality – they also make your plants stand out much more.

Whether they’re ornamental or not, plants are the perfect way to add some life to your home. They’re easy to take care of and having a nice planter is an essential component.

Why? Because a good planter will allow your plant to grow properly and stay healthy.

These little containers serve as a receptacle for the soil that will nourish your plants and can add a little aesthetic element to your home.

Plants bring life and color to your home

Planters at Home
There is an endless variety of flowerpots and planters you can find in stores but we want to encourage you to make your own today.

Why? Because it’s always good to know how to do something yourself.

What if you had a planter with your favorite flowers growing in it, that you’ve meticulously cared for over time. For one reason or another, imagine it falls and breaks, leaving your beloved plant totally unprotected.

To keep from losing your flowers, you can quickly make a homemade planter. Not only will this solve the problem, it will also save you money. Plus, you’ll have the additional satisfaction of having made something beautiful and useful by yourself.

There are a lot of objects that go unused in the home, but take a look at them again. They’re not garbage. Maybe that second look changed your perception somewhat. Take advantage of that and give it a second chance.

Let’s find out how!

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What you’ll need

It’s easy to make your own planters. There are very few tools that you’ll need. In fact, these are things you probably already have around the house.

In some cases, just a brush and some paint will suffice. It all depends on how ambitious your ideas are.

Some of the most common tools you might need include:

  • Scissors
  • A hammer
  • Brushes
  • Paint
  • Pliers
  • Nails
  • Creativity
  • A clean surface (like a work desk)

How do you make your own planters at home?


The first step is to select some objects that you can use as containers.

Avoid limiting yourself by assuming they need to be a certain shape. You can’t possibly imagine what a little creativity can do for objects that were never intended to be planters or flower pots.

Let your imagination loose! You can choose any object, such as:

  • Empty cans
  • Old kitchen pots
  • Coffee containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Small wooden drawers
  • Small tires, and anything else your imagination comes across

There are no limitations or rules when making planters.

Once you’ve selected the objects you want to use, clean them completely, inside and out. Be sure to remove any contaminants or residues from within. You can use soap and water with a piece of cloth or a rag.

Next, think of what you’ll need to do to the outside of these containers. The goal is to personalize them and make them look their best.

You should also consider what kind of plants you’ll be putting in them, because each one has its own characteristics and requirements. Some have abundant roots and others not so much. Whether the roots are deep or shallow should be a consideration when selecting your new planters.

Now you just need to decorate them with the colors you like. You can even add pieces of fabric, ribbons, lace, paper, or wood around the base or on the sides of your planter. You get to decide!

Some things to keep in mind

  • Always use safety equipment to protect your hands and eyes when using a tool.
  • Verify that your planter won’t pose a risk for children, such as sharp edges or being unstable.
  • If you make a hanging planter, be sure that the supports are strong enough.
  • If your children help you with this project, supervise them to avoid any accidents.

Finally, if you decided to make your own planters, enjoy your creations to the fullest. After all, this is the joy of making things, reusing them, and renewing your home and the objects within it.

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