Make These 7 Fun Crafts With Boxes

11 December, 2019
Here, we'll show you 7 fun crafts with boxes that are simple and practical. With them, you can keep your house orderly, and, of course, nicer looking.

Decorating with boxes is an easy and fun way to create your own decor.

The boxes can be made from wood or even cardboard. Both are very easy to get and you can choose them depending on how you plan to use them.

Cardboard boxes have many shapes and sizes, and the best thing is that they are versatile. Besides, in  finding other uses for them, you reduce the impact on our environment. In other words, it helps to recycle.

On the other hand, when you use boxes made from wood, you can create more sturdy pieces. You can put more weight in these. However, you need to be careful when working with them, since you can get splinters.

Advantages of using boxes for crafts

Organizing Shoes

1. They’re cheap.

2. There are various sizes.

3. They’re practical and have various uses.

4. They’re easy to decorate: with paint, fabric, and other techniques of woodworking, etc.

5. There are different thicknesses and strengths for different uses.

6. Doing crafts helps your psychological and emotional health. Focusing your  attention on what you’re doing and not on what you’re thinking is relaxing.

Now let’s take a look at the crafts!

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1. Desk Organizers

Crafts With Boxes

It’s very common to have pens, pencils, and markers, all over the place and not be able to find anything. So, we can give you an idea for an organizer made from a cardboard box.


• Cardboard box

•  Empty toilet paper rolls

•  Painter

• Glue


• Decorate the box however you like.

• Glue the rolls inside the box.

• Paint the inside of the rolls.

• Place pens and pencils inside the rolls.


• Place on a desk.

• Use the smallest rolls for small items.

• Use the longer rolls for rulers.

•  Put the different types of items in groups.

You can be creative!

2. Underwear organizers

Organizing Shoes

Looking for underwear in an unorganized drawer can waste time that you could use in another way. Also, a messy drawer isn’t nice to look at.

That’s why we suggest an idea to create your own underwear organizer with cardboard boxes.


• Medium sized cardboard box, such as a shoe box

•  Scraps of cardboard

•  Fabric to cover it

•  Fabric adhesive


• First, cover the entire box with fabric, inside and out.

•  Then, cut out pieces of cardboard to make compartments in the box.

•  Cut pieces of fabric to cover the walls of the compartments.

•  Place the clothes in the each space, according to your preference.

3.  A box for toilet tissue

A box for toilet tissue

One of the simplest ways to decorate your bathroom is to use boxes. The rolls of toilet paper end up looking very nice in a covered box, without the lid, on a table or a shelf in the bathroom.


•  A box in which 4 rolls will fit

•  Glue

•  twine


•  Start at one end of the box by applying the glue.

•  Attach the twine over the glue and cover the entire box.

•  Let it dry.

• Place the rolls of toilet tissue inside.

4.  Storing towels

Similar to the toilet tissue, towels tend to end up in disarray. A good idea is to roll them up and place them inside a covered box.

You can also cover the top and use it also, if you like.

5. A tea box

Nowadays, there are many types of tea, and having them in the same box is a practical solution and also very decorative.

The best way is to use wooden boxes, since they’re more sturdy.


•  Small pieces of wood to make dividers

•  Wooden box

•  Glue

•  Paint

•  Varnish


•  First, cut little pieces of wood with a small saw to make the divisions.

•  Glue them together and let them dry.

•  Paint with colors that you like.

•  Varnish, to preserve the wood.

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6. A Magazine rack, a classic box craft

This is one of the most classic crafts that exists. It’s a great idea to keep magazines in order and neat and they look nice in a rack.


•  Rectangular cardboard boxes, such as cereal boxes.

  •  Newspaper

•  Glue

•  Paint

•  Water


• Take a cereal box and stand it up. Cut diagonally halfway down the box. This way, you’ll be able to identify the magazines.

•  Do the same with another box.

•  Glue them together and let them dry.

•  For the other side, cut pieces of newspaper.

•  Make a mixture of equal parts of water and paste.

•  Spread the mixture over the box gluing pieces of the newspaper on it. This will give it strength.

•  Let it dry.

•  Paint to your liking.

You can replace the newspaper with toilet paper. Besides making it more sturdy, it will give a rough texture that will look nice.

7. Accessory storage

Accessory storage

This is a great way to store accessories that are always piled up in a drawer. They’ll stay organized and you’ll be able to see them right away.


•  A small, shallow box

•  Shelf paper or wrapping paper

•  Pieces of fabric

•  Glue


• Cover the box with decorative paper inside and outside.

•  Make rolls with the fabric and place them in the box.

•  Place rings between the rolls of fabric.

•  The result will be a beautiful box with accessories in view and organized.

Overall, you can relax and enjoy doing crafts with boxes and easily decorate spaces.  Also, it’s cheap and simple. Use your imagination!