Maintain Your Weight with these Summer Eating Habits

December 26, 2019
Maintain your weight this summer by following a series of guidelines such as drinking plenty of water and eating fruit and vegetables, among others. A proper diet is important to stay in shape over the summer and enjoy your vacation.

It’s easy to maintain your weight during the summer as long as you know what to eat. This is the season of the year in which most of us are concerned about our image. Ironically, it’s also the hardest season to stay focused on our health habits. The warm weather and being on vacation allow us to spend more time out of home and it can definitely impact the way we eat.

However, you must know it’s not impossible to keep up with the good habits you have no trouble following the rest of the year. In regard to diet, there’s a formula for eating healthily during the summer to maintain your weight. Would you like to know what it is? Continue reading!

Maintain your weight this summer

Eat vegetables as your main course

It’s a lot easier to eat fresh things during the summer, so begin with a salad or soup. Eating vegetables for the first course will satisfy you. So, you’ll eat less of the second course and this is good because it often contains more calories.

The goal here is for the fiber to sate you and reduce your glycemic index, and therefore slow down your digestion process. Thus, eating vegetables is important for maintaining your weight during the summer.

An array of fruits and vegetables.
The consumption of fresh vegetables during summer will help you feel sated and keep you from overeating. Therefore, it’s key to maintaining your weight.

Eat seasonal fruits

Apart from being very appetizing due to its bright colors and sweet taste, summer fruit is highly refreshing. Also, it’s rich in fluids and contains few calories. Some types of fruit to keep in mind:

  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Nectarines
  • Doughnut peaches
  • Yellow plums
  • Cantaloupes

The orange and yellow colors of these types of fruit mean they’re rich in carotenes and carotenoids. These are the foundation of vitamin A and their function is to reinforce the body’s defenses and maintain optimal vision and healthy skin.

There are also red fruits such as watermelons, cherries, and red plums. And, these are high in magnesium and lycopene, substances that contribute to the well-being of your heart.

Eat them as snacks between meals and bring them along wherever you go. Or, you could eat them as a dessert. Contrary to what most people think, the sugar in fruits isn’t fattening. It’s the refined sugar in commercially-processed ice cream and other desserts that are all calories and zero nutrients.

Maintain your weight by being selective in restaurants

If you go to the coast then consume fresh fish. The healthiest way to cook it is to grill it and accompany it with light sauces. You can also consume all kinds of seafood. These, just as with fish, are packed with high-quality proteins and most of them are low in fat. They’re also rich in minerals and vitamins.

However, be careful with these because they’re high in cholesterol. Its highest concentration is in the heads of squid, shrimp, prawns, and cicadas.

In addition, get recommendations on restaurants that offer fresh food if you vacation out of the country. This way, you’ll stay away from fast food joints.

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Maintain your weight by bringing your own homemade snacks along

When we’re on vacation we usually spend all day sightseeing. So, bring along healthy snacks to ensure you don’t eat the first thing you come across. Nuts (raw or roasted), cut fruit, whole-grain crackers, and other healthy snacks are great options.

OK, but what if you want to eat ice cream? You can always make your own at home, or at least one that’s lower in calories. Eating healthy snacks is a great way to maintain your weight this summer.

Dried fruits and nuts.
Nuts are the ideal snack for satisfying your hunger during summer and maintaining your weight. However, you must eat these in moderate portions.

Stay well hydrated

It’s very important to stay well-hydrated when exposed to high temperatures. Generally, a standard person needs about 8 cups of water a day. Add one cup for each degree above 95 Fahrenheit.

Make it a point to bring along a water bottle in your bag or backpack so you can stay well-hydrated all day long. This way you won’t have to rely on commercial options that aren’t as healthy.

Minimize your alcohol intake

There are many refreshing non-alcoholic drinks you can consume. While alcoholic beverages are often present at parties and summer celebrations, it’s better to avoid them as much as you can to maintain your weight.

What are the non-alcoholic options, you ask? Of course, water is the best thing to drink. But, you can also opt for drinking sparkling water, cold infusions and teas, as well as smoothies, lemonade, and tomato juice, among others.

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Maintain your weight with these final recommendations

  • Finally, you must increase your daily energy expenditure in order to maintain your weight. If you’re visiting another city, plan walking or biking routes. Or, if you’re going to the beach or to the mountains, try finding an activity you might enjoy.
  • Book accommodations that have a kitchen; this way you’ll be able to control what you eat.

Are you worried about gaining weight this summer? If so, just put these tips into practice and enjoy yourself while taking care of your figure.

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