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How to Lose Weight by Reducing Your Daily Caloric Intake

Did you know that lack of sleep and not allowing the signal of satiety to reach the brain can cause us to gain weight? Insufficient sleep can also stimulate your appetite.
How to Lose Weight by Reducing Your Daily Caloric Intake

Last update: 18 September, 2020

It is needless to say that calories are what make us gain weight, along with bad habits and lack of exercise. That is why decreasing our daily caloric intake is a vital step to maintain our ideal weight and feel healthier.

Starting a program to lose weight will be ineffective if we don’t take into account the number of calories we’re consuming every day. We need to know how many we need in order to stay healthy. Anything over this amount will turn into fat and consequently, into extra pounds.

Nutrition experts say that we need to cut our caloric intake by 500 calories a day if we want to lose weight. But we can’t just stop eating. We must combine our eating habits with a good exercise routine and a balanced diet.

Woman with a flat belly

Methods to reduce your daily caloric intake

Sleep well

Believe it or not, weight loss is related to the number of hours you sleep per day. Insufficient sleep causes increased production of a hormone that not only stimulates appetite but also inhibits the signal of satiety to the brain. The more continuous hours you sleep, the less time you think about eating.

This will also benefit your health in other ways, such as having energy to face your day, not get sick as often, be in a better mood, avoid stress, etc. Try to respect your sleep schedule (go to bed and get up at the same time every day).

Drink a lot of water

Diets are not limited to liquids, but the truth is that drinking three liters of water a day metabolizes fats (eliminating them gradually), and it also fills the stomach to suppress your appetite naturally.

This doesn’t mean that you should only consume water and deceive your desire to eat, but before eating chocolate or a few chips, it’s best to drink a glass of water. This will help eliminate toxins and relieve constipation. Your skin will also look much prettier.

If you drink a glass of cold water 15 minutes before eating, you won’t be so anxious about food.

Two glasses of cold water

Reduce the amount of sugar

This ingredient is present in the vast majority of processed and prepared food. Keep in mind it does nothing good for your health; quite the opposite. Reduce or directly eliminate sugar consumption to enjoy benefits like having more radiant skin or fewer cavities.

For every tablespoon of refined sugar, you’ll be adding 20 calories to your body. And sugar also promotes the release of insulin, the hormone that helps accumulate fat.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Adding plenty of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet has many health benefits. Nutritionists recommend five servings per day between the two groups. They’ll provide fewer calories and at the same time reduce the consumption of other foods.

For example, mid-morning at the office, opt for an apple or pear instead of chocolate cake or a pastry. Fruits and vegetables provide us with vitamins, minerals, fiber, water and other trace elements. In most cases, the contain less than 100 calories.

Apples and pears can be helpful to reduce your caloric intake

Comply with a health routine

It is no doubt the ideal complement to slimming down and losing your lunch calories. When the body is in motion, it burns whatever is “left over” from your caloric intake. There’s no need to go to a gym or an academy; choose to walk faster, jog, run, bike, swim or walk your dog in the park.

For noticeable effects (and to avoid feeling that the sacrifice was in vain), exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. You can alternate between exercises so that the muscles don’t get used to them. By doing this, you’ll work out your body in general.

Choose foods that are lower in fat

Include in your daily diet skim or low-fat dairy (cottage cheese, yogurt, low-fat milk, fresh cheese, etc.), lean meats (turkey or skinless chicken, beef tenderloin), ham without fat, poultry meats and fat-free broths. Opt for fish and eggs (three times a week) instead of meat.

Healthy breakfast examples to reduce your caloric intake

Consume sauces and dressings with moderation

Suggested dressings include olive oil, sunflower oil or corn oil. Always use them sparingly, because they are healthy but will also give you a lot of energy. When it comes to sauces, choose those with less fat, such as tomato, pepper, light mayonnaise with yogurt or vegetables. If you prepare it yourself, be careful with the amount of oil you use.

Prepare food properly

There are many ways to prepare dinner and lunch in order to add less fat to food or remove the fat it already has “naturally”.

A griddle is suitable for poultry, fish and some vegetables. Foil is useful for vegetables, such as potatoes or fish, seasoned to taste and wrapped in heat resistant paper. Braising is used for vegetables in a pan with a bit of oil or cooking spray. Steamed, boiled or cooked is a good idea, as well as baked.

Fry only on special occasions

Once a week, you can indulge in something fried. You don’t have to deprive yourself of it. If you make breaded food, add a tablespoon of water for each egg that you mix in so it absorbs less oil. Use paper towels to remove excess oil. In casseroles or stews, remove the skin from poultry and any visible fat from the meat before cooking.

 We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to lose weight by reducing your daily caloric intake.

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