How to Lose Weight Quickly

· August 10, 2014
Increase intake of fiber, lower carbohydrates and avoid fats. Remember to drink two liters of water a day and combine your nutritional plan with physical activity to obtain results quickly.

On many occasions, we desperately want to lose weight quickly. We may have an important engagement for which we want to look our best, or perhaps we want to fit into that beautiful dress that’s been sitting in the back of the closet for too long. But quick tricks to lose weight are often unhealthy and ineffective.

Fortunately, some forms of achieving that weight loss do exist without putting our health or wellbeing at risk.  In addition, they do not have the rebound effect, that is to say, you will not easily regain the unwanted weight.  Let’s learn about a few healthier ways to reach your weight loss goal in less time.

You Must Drink a Lot of Water

It is very important to avoid fruit juice (from packets), soft drinks, energy drinks, beer, and whatever other drink high in calories, sugars, sodium, and carbohydrates, as they can make your body retain liquids and do not reduce your hunger.  The only drink that really quenches your thirst, that does not make you retain liquids, and that is not high in calories is water.  You can drink 8 glasses of water a day and you will notice the changes immediately.

You Must Reduce the Quantity of Food Intake

Not only should you preoccupy yourself with the amount of calories you consume, you should also learn to control the quantity and quality of nutrients you ingest each meal.

Another important point you should take into account is that in order to reduce your calorie intake, you should not skip a meal.  Many people make this serious mistake, thinking that it is the best way to lose weight, while the only thing they achieve is that the next time they eat, they are so hungry, they will eat twice the amount, so it is not worth the effort they make to skip one of the daily meals.  Everyone should eat three times a day, but in smaller portions, and drink water in between meals.

You Must Exercise Every Day

If you desire to lose weight quickly, it is necessary to exercise quite a bit, ideally twice a day to achieve the desired effect sooner.  You can go running in the morning and in the afternoon, or, if you prefer, go to a good gym…in the end, the important thing is that you move your body and that you reach your goal.

You Must Eat Fewer Carbohydrates and More Fiber

One very important measure to take is to try to consume a lot more fiber-rich food and fewer carbohydrates; foods containing good quantities of fiber help the digestive process and eliminate toxins, and in this way, make it easier to lose weight.  Another important point is to take into account is that if you want to improve your muscle tone you should add protein to your diet, which can also be useful in burning fat more quickly while exercising.

Foods You Must Avoid

It is vital that you avoid foods containing high quantities of fats, (like oils, butter, and cheeses), as well as potatoes, fast foods, desserts –especially chocolates– like ice cream, bonbons, in general, all sweets, for at least the period for which you are trying to lose weight.

Remember that the most important thing is your health.  The desire to lose weight is very valid, but it is better that you do so while thinking of your health, in that if you weigh less, you will feel more energetic and the risk for suffering illnesses will greatly reduce if you are at a healthy weight.

Lose weight for health reasons, not for vanity. Although a thin person looks nice, they do not need to overdo it, nor try to imitate anyone else.  Everyone is who they are; remember that you can love yourself–respect your body and do not feel bad for being a little overweight.