Lose Weight and Flush Out Retained Fluids with This Pineapple, Coconut, and Ginger Smoothie

· July 29, 2017
This smoothie will help you speed up your metabolism and lose weight while filling you up and helping flush retained fluids out of your body.

The best way to lose weight is to switch out foods that make you put on the pounds for healthier ones that activate your metabolism. That way, you burn more calories and get rid of the retained fluids that are making you look bigger than you are.

Learn about this delicious smoothie made from pineapple, coconut, and ginger and lose weight and retained fluids in a healthy way.

Say no to “miracle” diets

In today’s world, there are all kinds of “miracle” diets out there promising quick, amazing results.

These diets are usually based on some food that is good for your health and weight loss. However, they tend to be very restrictive and unbalanced: too low in fat and calories.

An effective, healthy diet is one that doesn’t hurt the person following it, but rather fills them with energy and optimism while progressively improving their eating.

The foods in these miracle diets sometimes actually are a great way to lose weight more easily. But they should be a part of a balanced diet.

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Lose weight with healthy foods

Next, we’ll highlight three foods that will help your body burn calories and fat and eliminate retained fluids.


Coconuts are a tropical fruit that’s gotten a bad rap for a long time due to their saturated fat content.

However, over time it has been proven to be a very nutritious food with fats that are good for you and even for weight loss.

When you eat this kind of fat, your body speeds up your metabolism, helping you lose weight more easily (if you have weight to lose).

This food won’t help a person lose weight if they don’t need to; it regulates your weight.

Coconut oil also helps your heart, strengthens your immune system, gives you energy, keeps your skin healthy, and regulates your thyroid glands, which are sometimes the cause of weight gain.


Pineapples are often found in weight loss diets and are commonly recommended for digestive problems.

This tropical fruit has high water and fiber content, and thus is low in calories.

These characteristics make it an excellent way to satisfy your hunger when you feel like snacking between meals.

It also is a powerful diuretic. Eating it regularly helps eliminate retained fluids in your body that cause swelling and bloating in areas like your legs, belly, and face.


Ginger is a root that is used as a spice in many different cultures to give a fresh, spicy kick to foods and help with digestion.

However, in natural medicine it is perfect for eliminating toxins and built up fluids to really get your metabolism going.

Your metabolism is in charge of calorie burning. If it is sped up, you burn more calories with little effort.

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Diuretic smoothie for weight loss


  • The pulp of half a coconut
  • Half a ripe pineapple
  • A piece of ginger (to taste)
  • 1 liter of water

Note: If you can’t find fresh coconut, you can use prepared coconut milk in place of the liter of water.


  • First, blend the coconut pulp with hot water for a few minutes.
  • Then, add the pineapple and ginger and beat again until mixed fairly well.
  • Strain and, if you like, chill.
  • You can sweeten it with a bit of stevia, although the pineapple already gives it a natural sweetness.

How do I drink it?

Have this diuretic, detoxifying smoothie over the course of the day like this:

  • 2 cups on an empty stomach, a half hour before breakfast
  • 1 cup at mid-morning
  • Another cup at mid-afternoon

If you drink it outside of your meals, you’ll be enhancing its weight loss effects. You can have it for a week or two several times in a year. Always accompany it with a healthy, balanced diet.