Listen to Your Body: It Knows When There’s a Problem

· May 23, 2017
Your body is wise and knows when to send you signals to tell you there's a problem inside that needs to be addressed. Learn to listen to your body.

Did you know that your body tells you when there’s a problem? You body shouts when your mouth won’t open, when your mind refuses to budge so as to avoid facing what it fears the most.

The longer you ignore it, the more signs your body will give you to tell you that something needs to heal inside.

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The pain may change, but its origin remains the same

Imagine Ana, a woman who has always had boyfriend, in order to never be alone.

Starting with her third relationship, she started experiencing anxiety. The symptoms began with a lump in her throat, but then eczema showed up, and even dermatitis.

These problems appeared suddenly and without a trigger that Ana could easily identify. She thought they were genetic, or that stress at work caused them.

However, that wasn’t triggering the symptoms.

They were confusing to her, and not until she was single, for once, did she finally start to really look deep into herself.

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Then, she realized that her body was manifesting emotional dependency. This was problem she had but couldn’t perceive before.

When you’re in constant pain, are afraid to lose someone, or live in a state of suffering, your body will let you know it needs you to change in order to move forward.

Every part of your body has something to say

Pain in different parts of your body indicates different things.

however, what’s important to know is that the answer to the pain lies inside of you. You just need to listen to your body, take a look at your life, and draw responsible conclusions.

However, if you feel really lost and want a little guide, here are some ways your body may reflect different problems:

  • Throat issues: There are things you need to say, but you’re holding them in.
  • Flu: You’re not happy about something in your life. It needs to be addressed to get freed from this problem.
  • Ankle pain: Represents opposition in your life.
  • Stomach problems: Trouble going through and processing situations.
  • Back issues: A lack of support or carrying burdens that aren’t yours.
  • Thigh pain: You’re worried about what others expect of you.
  • Migraines or headaches: You’re suppressing doubts.
  • High blood pressure: Fear is burying you.

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These are just a few examples of what your body might be trying to tell you through various kinds of symptoms.

Take care of your mind

Your mind is powerful and gets neglected often. As you’ve just seen, this can have serious consequences on your health.

A flu may be just the flu, but it also may be communicating something that needs to be healed.

Your mind is where your biggest storms pass through and where thoughts get turned over and over. Then, they do what they do best: trigger anxiety, disconnect you from the present, and make you really suffer.

If you take care of your mind and keep it healthy, your body will stop with the symptoms it’s using to tell you about what you just can’t let go.

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Usually, we tend to pay too much attention to our body. Meanwhile, we’re also so hesitant to seek help when we’re not capable of handling what’s going on in our mind.

However, paying attention is the only way your body will stop manifesting your thoughts and worries into uncomfortable physical forms.

Sometimes, you just don’t have the tools you need to calm down the whirlwind of thoughts and beliefs that life brings with it.

It’s time to stop sacrificing your health. Ask for help if that’s what you need. After all, a healthy mind is essential for happiness.