Do You Like Hot Dogs?

· December 30, 2015

Hot dogs are a very popular “food” in the world, especially in the United States, where people eat around 50 of them a year. Everyone knows that this food is not exactly the most recommended; besides lacking the nutrients the body needs, it contains a large amount of ingredients that can negatively affect your health.

However, for decades, hot dogs have become popular as an alternative food that many people frequently include in their diet because they are economic and delicious. It is true that eating a hot dog once in awhile does not damage the health of those who eat it. However, a recent study states that eating this food every day increases the risk of developing cancer by 21%, which is comparable to the risk of tobacco.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington DC suggests preventative medicine and a vegetarian diet as a base for a healthier lifestyle. The group of doctors believes that hot dog makers should include a warning for the consumers just like what is done for cigarettes, in which they explain that frequent consumption of processed meats increases the risk of developing colon cancer, hypertension, obesity, and heart disease.

Studies Show the Risks of Eating Hot Dogs


The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) released an important report in 2009 after combining the data from 7,000 scientific studies, on hot dogs and the risk that they have in relation to cancer. The AICR found that for every 50 grams of processed meat that one eats everyday, the risk of colon cancer increases by 21%. However, the health risks are almost not taken into account, because consuming this food is practically unstoppable.

Later studies assessed the damage and danger of eating hot dogs everyday and found that out of 143,000 people that were affected every year, 53,000 died. Is this not enough to be worried?

Although some supporters of this food state that the numbers are really exaggerated and that it is ridiculous to compare the risks of hot dogs with smoking tobacco, the truth is that studies have been able to support that the ingredients in hot dogs have serious negative effects on health, which can easily be triggered when you eat this product everyday.

Do You Know What You’re Eating When You Eat Hot Dogs?


Some studies suggest that the carcinogenic effects of hot dogs is due to the amount of nitrates and nitrites in hot dogs, but besides that, other factors in the creation process also have an influence.

In order to make this delicious sausage that is so great to eat and always looks so fresh in refrigerators, the makers add a large amount of chemicals that many of us ignore and are the main causes of health problems. But besides those chemicals, which considerably improve the flavor of this “food”, the health risk is due to low quality of production of these foods. Most of them, but not all, use meats and meat sub products from Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO), where animals lives and are tortured in poor health, overcrowding, and anti-hygienic conditions.

The goal of these companies is to get a very cheap “food” as a result, but not a quality one. In the creation process of hot dogs, they use very low amounts of quality meat, and in their place, they process what many consider waste, which includes cartilage, fat, and entrails. Additionally, subjection to high temperatures, exposure to bacteria, high contents of sodium, the stuffing, flavorings, and conservatives make this product a true health enemy.

Many people still don’t know the many risks of eating hot dogs frequently, because advertising and the market have made the consumer blind and led to believe that nothing will happen if they eat this “food” frequently. On the other hand, some hot dog makers have started to share the risks of eating this food frequently, but they also keep coming up with advertising strategies to get to the consumer and create a kind of addiction that is very hard to quit.