How to Lighten Your Armpits

· March 15, 2015

The armpit region is very delicate and sensitive, and some women want to hide the fact that they are also darker than the skin on their arms because of using deodorants, shaving, sweating, etc.

We’re going to go over the possible reasons for and natural remedies to help lighten your armpits.

Excessive sweat

If this is the cause of your darkened armpits, you need to know that sweat is one way that the body eliminates toxins, which is why it’s not a good idea to use products that completely stop sweating; some of these do exist on the market.

In order to naturally control excessive sweating, use the following remedies:

  • Consume astringent foods like green tea or avocado seed infusion.
  • Sage infusions can not only be drank, but they can be applied topically.
  • You should frequently clean your armpits with red clay water (dissolve a bit of the clay in water and wash your armpits with it.  Use a compress or a towel to do so).
  • Use lycopodium spores or plant sulfur.  These spores absorb sweat while at the same time stopping bacterial growth which is responsible for bad odors.  It also prevents irritation and any rashes that could develop.  Apply to the area that you sweat most every morning and night, avoiding any open wounds.
  • Keep in mind that nervous emotional states also increase sweating.


Accumulation of dead cells

Skin is continually regenerating itself but sometimes, it’s harden to eliminate dead cells that accumulate on the external layers of skin.  To prevent this, gently exfoliate with a bit of sodium bicarbonate every one or two weeks, always before hair removal so as to prevent any irritation.  Afterwards, whiten the area with water and apply a moisturizing cream.

Products with alcohol or strong perfumes

It is not recommendable to use products that may be aggressive to the area of your armpits.  This skin is very thin and is even more delicate if you remove the hair.  Use natural and organic products, alum stone deodorants, solid deodorants, etc.

Hair removal

Your method of hair removal might also be darkening your armpits, which is why we recommend you find an alternative, if you are shaving.  Ideally you should use wax.  After removing hair, we also recommend you use some sort of cream or gel to calm the irritation, like aloe vera gel, for example, or a marigold-based cream.

marigold Cuervo_J


This area of the body could also suffer from an infection due to poor hygiene, among other reasons.  Moisture easily accumulates in this area, which is why you need to take special precautions to keep it clean and dry.  You could use a deodorant that contains tea tree, which is a bactericide and fungicide, or you could purchase directly the essential oil, add it to a moisturizing cream and apply it directly to your armpits daily.

Caused by clothing friction

Very tight clothing could also irritate and darken the area of your armpits, which is why you should avoid synthetic materials that cause reactions, nor should you wear very tight sleeves or straps.

Natural whiteners

You may have a few foods and natural products at home that could help naturally whiten your armpits, without any risk of darkening.


Lemon helps eliminate dead cells and also whitens areas that have darkened over time.  It also acts asa deodorant, so do not hesitate to use this remedy daily.  How do you use it?  Just cut a lemon in half and rub on your armpits.  Leave it on for a few moments so it dries, then get dressed.  Avoid applying lemon if you have recently shaved because it could cause a lot of burning.

Potato juice

Potato juice also has whitening properties, so if you have a blender you could try this remedy.  Blend the juice from a small piece of potato and apply to your armpits using a cotton ball.

Oxygenated water

Lastly, you also have this whitener at home and you already know it for its properties, like fading hair color, for example.  Just apply a bit of oxygenated water to your armpits daily.  Soon you’re notice that the area clears up.

Photos courtesy of Fernando Stankuns and Cuervo_