Life Guides Us: Learn to Open Your Eyes

Life always guides us in the direction that's best for us. But in order for us to see it, we have to be paying good attention.
Life Guides Us: Learn to Open Your Eyes

Last update: 16 April, 2018

Although we may not always notice, life guides us on whatever path we decide to take. The problem is that we usually overlook the signs and trip over the same stone over and over again.

Sometimes, as much as others clearly show us what the best option for us is, we fail to follow it.

It’s hard for us to see what we have to do when we’re the protagonists. However, if it’s a family member ora friend who were in our situation, we would see it clearly.

Therefore, it’s important that we learn how to open our eyes.

Life always guides us in the direction that’s best for us. But in order for us to see it, we have to be paying good attention.

Blind and Clueless

life guides us

What happens when someone has relationship problems?

Often, we know that we would do if we were in their situation. If, for example, it’s a case of infidelity, we would leave the partner.

However, if’s our relationship, things feel different. Perhaps we would go through various phases before opening our eyes, such as:

  • Denial: Denying reality and getting mad at those who try to open our eyes to see what’s really going on.
  • Fear of change: Being afraid of making the decision to break up, of losing the person that we love, of not finding anyone else, of being alone.
  • Sadness: Being sad, complaining, and hoping that the situation changes. If this phase goes on for too long, it can cause a deep depression.

In the end, there isn’t any option besides accepting the situation and breakup. However, sometimes it isn’t up to us. Sometimes the other person makes this decision for us.

When something like this happens, we seem unable to make any decisions. It’s almost as if something happened to us that paralyzed us.

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Life Guides Us: Signs that Life Sends Us

Signs that Life Sends Us

Life always guides us with signs, and some of them are very clear. For example, if we’re always with the same kind of person, isn’t this a clear sign that there’s something we need to change?

The big problem is that, instead of asking ourselves this question, we blame the other person for the reasons why we are upset.

It’s as if we don’t want to take responsibility for what’s happening. Because of this, we play the victim and wait for everything to change or get better on its own.

We aren’t aware that the signs from life are a way of telling us that we should make a choice as soon as possible.

Prolonging a circumstance in which we aren’t happy or that leaves us feeling paralyzed will have grave consequences for us down the road.

Not Doing Anything Isn’t an Option

Not Doing Anything Isn't an Option

Not doing anything isn’t an option because the only one who will be hurt from not doing anything is us. The signs that life sends us try to prevent that prolonged sadness ends in depression, for example.

Dealing with situations, tolerating them and hoping that things change, giving second chances as if they were gifts, harboring hopes…. All of this is a way to keep a situation that’s not fulfilling.


Because they’re acting in fear.

Fear of loneliness, fear of not finding another job, fear of not having kids, fear of a multitude of things that are all made up by our mind.

What’s the point of being afraid of these things? It’s not a useful fear. In reality, it’s an emotion that paralyzes us, that blocks us and stops us from making any decisions.

Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to what the people around us say and also ask for professional help. Looking at our situation from different perspectives will help us to see the options that we have and also how our fears blur them.

We must remember that life will always guide us. It’s not against us, and it clearly shows us what we need to do, even if it’s sometimes bitter.

What’s important is that we make choices. Although life always guides us, what will happen depends on how we decide to act.

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