In this Life, You Deserve to be Happy

· March 31, 2016
If you don’t look after your own happiness and well being, there aren’t too many people who will and you’ll even be easier to manipulate. That’s why you need to defend what you hold dear

In this life you deserve to be happy, and while you’re aware that not all of your dreams will come true, you can be content with what you have, at peace and willing to accept the many good things that do come your way.

Is it an act of selfishness to say out loud that you deserve to be happy? Of course. That’s something that everyone deserves – just as we all have the right to be loved, respected, and valued.

Nothing is more vital than focusing on living a happy life. But you need to have one thing perfectly clear in your mind: it’s no use waiting around for someone else to “make you happy.”

In order to be happy, you need to focus on yourself.

To be happy you must learn what you will and will not accept in your life

Actually, in order to be happy, you really don’t need all that much. Anyone who thinks that happiness comes from having a long string of zeros in their checking account or an arsenal of friends in their contact list is sorely misguided.

All you need is a life that’s filled with dignity and independence, where you can surround yourself with what is really and truly important to you.

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  • Happiness can sometimes be an act of humility or a minimalist concept. That is to say that the most important thing is to know what you want, something you can identify and achieve.
  • Try leading, for example, a day to day life where you do the things you enjoy and are proud of. That’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.
  • Everything else will simply become “accessories,” aspects or things that can bring both benefit and complication to your life.
  • Knowing what you truly want out of life isn’t always easy. It requires first having some life experiences to help you set certain expectations.
  • Learning that there are certain people whose personalities don’t match yours – if you’re introverted for example – will help you prioritize having a few close friends before having many, and that’s something that you realize with time.

You deserve to be valued and respected

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This is an essential rule that you must never forget: you already know what you deserve, and in order to put yourself first and care for your self-esteem you know that you also deserve respect from others.

It may sound obvious, but if you don’t first have love for yourself it’s easy to be misled or manipulated by the desires of others, by motivations that are not your own, to the point that you put your own happiness aside.

This is not worth it. Defend what’s yours, defend your character, your space, and your personal values. In this life, everyone deserves to be respected as well as valued.

  • Parents need to recognize and respect their children so that they grow up in a happy and emotionally secure way. This helps them develop good self-esteem that they can cultivate from day to day.
  • In order to be happy you also need respect and love from your partners. In addition to caring for yourself, there must be reciprocity in relationships to keep them happy and stable.
  • No one is being selfish when they say that they need to be respected. You deserve respect from your family, your friends, your coworkers, and of course your relationship partners.

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And furthermore, because you’ve learned to respect yourself, you’re also able to show respect to the other people in your life because you know how you would want to be treated.

Being happy is your lifelong goal

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In this life, maybe you want a bigger house, an attractive partner who is considerate and humble, and a great job. But more than any of these things, you should always be happy with what life brings you.

You might not be able to fulfill all of your dreams, but happiness is not a thing: it’s made up of moments, people, and lived experiences.

Simply try to live with open eyes and hearts, enjoying the here and now in the most fundamental way possible.

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re single or don’t have a ton of friends. Just be kind to yourself and learn to count the people who make you truly happy on one hand.
  • Sometimes life isn’t easy and it throws obstacles in your path. That’s why another important aspect you need to watch every day is your attitude.
  • Your attitude is one of the most critical things that you hold within yourself. It allows you to face life with courage and optimism.
  • A positive attitude lets you see reality with the knowledge that yes, there are bad times, but there are also many good ones, so be happy in your everyday life. You know that if you resist that feeling and get stuck in resentment you’ll only remain trapped in your unhappiness.

You have to learn to look ahead toward the horizon with hope, putting yourself first and learning to love everything that surrounds you with simplicity and humility.