Letting Go is Accepting What Cannot Be Changed

· November 8, 2016
Today's article is about the meaning of letting go, which isn't about giving up altogether, but accepting the things you cannot change.

Letting go is one of the most natural processes in life. Although it happens so often, in many cases it causes us pain and suffering.

Ending a relationship, losing a loved one and moving to a new home are all “farewells” that we will experience at some point in our lives.

These are experiences that no one has prepared us for and we must learn how to deal with them almost “by force.”

There’s no magical formula that will help you better face those situations that require letting go. The emotional pain from letting go can evolve into depression if not managed properly.

Today, however, we want to offer you some advice that will allow you to better deal with these complex moments. 

Let go, in order to receive

If you think about it for a moment, you’ll realize that the act of “letting go” is the eternal soundtrack to the background of your life.

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You understand that those words, “let go,” aren’t linked exclusively to pain, loss or suffering. Sometimes giving something up also allows you to be a little happier.

  • Letting go of what hurts you means prioritizing yourself.
  • Let go of the people who harm you in order to establish mental balance and improve your physical health.
  • Let go of certain habits, thoughts and limiting attitudes to embrace new opportunities and promote self growth.

It’s important to remember that the act of “letting go” is also an opportunity to grow as a person.

However, as you also know, “letting go” sometimes means saying a tough goodbye and finding the strength to move forward. Let’s find out what the best strategies are for dealing with this.


Give it plenty of time: beautiful things will reappear

When you lose something or someone you may feel as if a door has been slammed in your face.

  • In fact, that’s what you could feel for at least two or three months. During this time you go through the natural process of grieving. 
  • It’s important to understand that “letting go” is also an act of unsurpassed courage. No one can live while they cling to suffering and pain.
  • When you lose someone you must “let them go” and “set them free” so that you can move forward. You haven’t forgotten what you’ve left behind, but this means that you have the courage to smile again.

You need to give it time. It’s possible that nothing will return to the way it was before. However, just because it’s different doesn’t meant that it’s bad. On the contrary, it can give way to a new, happy and beautiful situation.


Let go of that which doesn’t wish to stay, what doesn’t sustain you

There are times in your life when you’ll become obsessed with the belief that nothing can be changed. This may include the thought that you can’t leave the person by your side although you no longer love them. This is not the right mindset to have.

  • It’s important to remember that there is no greater source of suffering than the close-eyed denial of a reality. This is when everything is crumbling around you but your turn a blind eye to protect yourself from it.
  • You must let go of what no longer can sustain you because otherwise, you’ll be living in a painful and uncertain lie that no one deserves.
  • You need to be brave and face the reality. If someone no longer loves you, don’t beg them for charity or to “try a little bit longer.” All this does is directly sabotage your self-esteem.

Occasionally, although it might seem impossible, letting go of something that is no longer viable is a way to find something better.

Life will teach you what you should fight for and what you should let go

In this intense process of letting things go, you in turn open yourself up to an interesting process where you discover what really matters.

  • It doesn’t matter if along this path you find that you’re left with very few people. Having just a few people by your side doesn’t matter if you’re focused on the interests you share.
  • If that’s what makes you happy, if it’s those people, then all the letting go you’ve done has been worth the effort.

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Don’t forget that everything you have left behind has also taught you key things. Everything you’ve experienced is important. Although they are no longer part of your future destinations, they’re a part of your personal history.