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Stop Trying to Control Life and Just Live it!

Instead of going against the current and fighting life, why not let it take you along its path so you can learn each lesson that it has prepared for you?
Stop Trying to Control Life and Just Live it!

Last update: 01 November, 2018

We often try to control life, instead of letting it take us with it. In this way we can find the path we should really be taking in life.

When unforeseen, unexpected things happen to us, we are upset and rebel against them. We often put all the blame on something or someone else. We use phrases like, “what have I done to deserve this?” Everyone and everything else is to blame, and we are the victims.

We all have expectations in life, but most of the time, they don’t happen. Because of this, we fall into defeatism and we’re filled with disappointment and fall into despondency.

Life doesn’t require order, but rather confidence

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Wanting to control life is useless. When everything goes well, great. However, when everything starts going wrong, we make ourselves the victims. We do this instead of facing the situation and trying to get over things.

Life isn’t easy. We have the wrong belief that to be happy everything needs to go well. However, this just isn’t realistic.

Everything is made up of good and bad moments. Both serve a purpose, even though some make us feel better than others. However, if we’re honest, this is a question of perspective.

  • A failure doesn’t mean we have to abandon our goals.
  • Far from this, it can be an opportunity to grow and learn. This includes learning about everything that does us good.
  • A toxic relationship isn’t a reason to reject love and denounce it.
  • It could be an opportunity to learn to be more selective. It’s also a chance to remove your blindfold as a result of your expectations as soon as possible.

Don’t swim against the current, flow with life

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Are you going to keep beating your head against a brick wall? Don’t make yourself the victim of a situation. Life might simply want to take you in another direction.

Stop blaming other people for what they’re making you suffer. It could be that you are the one who is letting this happen. It might be you who isn’t able to cut people off and distance yourself from people who aren’t good for you.

You live your life in autopilot. Because of this, you aren’t able to capture all that it is trying to tell you with each step you take. Life gives you specific instructions, even though you don’t accept them in the best way. But, it does give them to you. Open your eyes! They’re there…

We force ourselves into relationships that aren’t worth the trouble. We fill ourselves with complaints instead of marching forward. On top of that, we tie ourselves up in victimization that makes us think of ourselves as victims when it isn’t like that. Why don’t we start to flow with life?

Sometimes we’re so comfortable in our comfort zone that we lose our perspective. We hate change! However, change is necessary.

Are you trying to control life?

Woman walking on tightrope over mountains

When difficulties overwhelm you, your whole world goes out of control. You like to have everything planned, and for your days to follow a routine.

However, when something inevitable happens, you throw your hands in the air and feel like you’re walking a tightrope. Uncertainty is something that you don’t like. You think of changes as a misfortune.

Changing your way of seeing situations is everything. Even the most negative things have a positive side. You just have to know how to see it because it can be very subtle. You won’t be able to do it if you take the easy way. The easy way is to complain, deny, and reject everything that’s overwhelming you.

Learn how to control your worry and your stress. Don’t try to control life. Let it take you with it, and don’t fear what’s going to happen. When you least expect it, fantastic things will happen to you that you would have never expected.

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