When I Least Expected It, Silence Gave Me the Answer

· August 11, 2017
Don’t be afraid to sit alone with your silence because that’s when you will find the solution to many of your problems…the answer lies within the quiet.

Today’s world is so noisy that people are hardly able to listen to themselves anymore. Seeking out company, avoiding being alone as much as possible… all of this means that you’re running away from something very important: silence.

Many people are afraid of that absence of noise, or at least they’re afraid of being away from familiar sounds. It may be the sound of cars outside, a fire truck, people talking…

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When they’re alone in nature, they might start to get nervous. Any strange sound may make them jump unexpectedly.

However, at the heart of this response is the desire to escape an inner silence that is stalking them.

Why do we all run from silence?

People run from silence to avoid facing the problems that follow them every day. You don’t want to have to think about them, face the pain, look at them straight on.

It is in this silence, however, that the answers are found when you think that everything you had is lost, that your life has no meaning.

Someone who is trapped or unable to end a relationship can’t get out of that storm of discontent because they’re afraid to listen.

It’s always easier to stay in the self-deception, or at least that’s what people think. Stay beneath your expectations, hide among the noise that causes you discomfort but you feed it anyway.

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You become a victim when you actually know where the solution lies. You choose to hide instead of summoning all your strength and ending the thing that is causing so much damage, causing you to suffer.

It’s hard to be brave and seek answers in the silence. It’s difficult to remain quiet and observe the world and what’s happening without judgment or criticism.

The answers lie within

When life turns against you, when you think you’ve had some bad luck, you need to start searching within yourself.

The natural thing to do is to discuss your problems with a friend or a family member and let them try to give you the solution. Here, however, the responsibility is entirely your own.

If you have ever sought professional help, you already know this. A psychologist won’t judge you or give you the solution, for example. They take you by the hand and guide you so that you discover how to find the answers that you seek.

Sometimes you doubt yourself, and that’s why you tend to focus on external factors. This is mistaken, however, because the solution to everything lies within you.

You might think that you can’t, that you’re weak, or that you don’t know how to get back on track. All of that is the clear absence of listening to yourself.

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There’s a little voice inside of you that will tell you where you need to go. You just have to listen to it, and for that, silence will be your best ally.

Diving into your interior

Looking deep inside yourself can sometimes be terrible because it involves running into that wounded child who still hurts inside of you.

At other times, it might mean discovering parts of yourself that you deny or reject.

In this case, it’s important to keep your mind open and accept the fact that you’re allowed to make mistakes.

Have you ever taken a walk in nature in silence, or do you need to bring music to listen to?

That alone should tell you if you’re afraid to face that absence of sound or not.

Don’t be afraid to look at your problems squarely in the face. That doesn’t mean that you won’t feel pain, but you feel it anyway when you run from all the hardships that eventually catch up to you.

It’s time to stop using that harmful tactic that won’t solve anything, and in fact, makes things worse.

In silence you’ll find yourself, your best friend, who knows what to do without fear, expectations, or what ifs…

Now is the time to stop making excuses and get to work. Continuing on, in the same way, is not going to change things.

When you feel lost when your whole world seems to collapse, reconnect with yourself in silence. In it, you’ll find the solution to what is happening to you.