Learning to Live, That’s What It’s About

Life is a process of constant change, so you never stop learning to live. That’s why you shouldn’t let your problems overwhelm you, because they are also teaching you

You don’t learn how to live in school. You learn to live based on your stumbles, your mistakes, your errors…your goal? To be happy and to enjoy every day.

But why is learning to live so difficult?

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Learning to live means accepting

Throughout your life there will be something that you find extremely difficult: acceptance. Acceptance is something that begins with yourself and that you carry out with others.

But in order to accept others, you have to first accept yourself, and that’s not always so easy.

Accepting yourself means you love and value yourself in spite of your mistakes and shortcomings. Accept that you’re not perfect, that you’ve had failures and they’ve helped you become a better person – you should never be ashamed of that.

Once this is done you can start to accept other people, which is much more difficult.

You must accept that people will come in and out of your life completely by their own doing. They will lie to you, let you down, and betray the trust that you’ve put in them.

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All of this is part of life, and in order to learn to live you have to accept it. If you don’t then you’ll end up fighting against everything, which will be useless.

Things continue to happen because there is one thing that’s completely out of your hands: changing other people.

Tomorrow is another day

We’d be lying to you if we said that life was going to be all light and colorful, because the truth is that there will be many times of utter darkness.

But learning to live also means that you stop making everything so dramatic because sometimes you can see things as being more problematic than they actually are.

Not everything is so terrible. The biggest problem is that your emotions and feelings amplify things to the point that you see everything as a sign of the end of the world.

No doubt there have been many times when you’ve looked back and thought, “it wasn’t so bad!” But in the moment you saw it as something truly terrible.

Because of all this, learning to live also means that you don’t overexaggerate certain situations that while you might think they’re the end of the world, they’re actually fleeting and later you’ll view them as more experiences.

What do we recommend? That you enjoy the present, both the positive and the negative, and above all that you learn to live with them.

The bad times are also beneficial and can be a turning point for considering how you’re living your life and to change it. It’s not the end of the world: it’s the beginning of a new path.

Enjoy and value the moment

Another important thing that you need to do in order to learn to live is to enjoy the moment and better appreciate what you have right now.

Time goes by fast and you may be so focused on something that you don’t fully enjoy your life. This is a big mistake!

It doesn’t mean that you should put aside your obligations, because of course it’s true that you have to work and have responsibilities – much of your time is “busy.”

But every day, you should give yourself a moment, no matter how small.

You think that you don’t really have time to do so because you can’t get organized. It’s easy to become immersed in laziness and chaos that cause you to waste your time rather than enjoy it.

Will you start today to take a little time for yourself? Do something each day that you enjoy: Spend some free time with your children, go for a walk, relax, enjoy a hobby…but don’t let the days pass one after another without meaning.

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As you can see, learning to live is a process that will take you a lifetime, because you never stop learning. In addition to that, there are things that you’ll discover as the years go by through your experiences.

Life is beautiful because, although there will be moments of darkness, there is also a lot of light.

Enjoy every day and keep learning things about life, which is constantly teaching you.

What’s the most valuable thing that you’ve learned today?


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