Learn to Accept Yourself as You Are

· October 19, 2017
Instead of envying or admiring others for being authentic, why not take note and start to accept yourself as you are and be yourself?

Self-esteem is fundamental so that you can feel good and happy. However, sometimes it isn’t so easy to keep your self-esteem up.

What can you do? Learn to accept yourself and you’ll see everything better.

Accepting yourself just as you are can be a difficult task. This is due to the world you’re living in. Comparisons, fear of being ridiculed, pretending to be doing well, acting a certain way so that others accept you…

All of this ends up being overwhelming. This is because you’re not being you! Do you want to change it? Then pay attention to the following pieces of advice.

Learn to listen to your inner voicePerson meditating

If you don’t listen to yourself, how will you know what you want? Turning a deaf ear to your internal cries can be a hurtful path for yourself.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at this example…

Sometimes, you feel the need to say “no” to requests others make. But you don’t, nothing happens.

However, for fear of, of “looking bad”, or others disapproving of your attitude, you force yourself to do something you don’t want to do so that you’re not responsible.

Maybe acting this way once isn’t something you think is bad. But, what happens when you don’t prioritize what you want from the beginning. Much more will happen.

You’ll feel that others are taking advantage of you. Sometimes, you’ll notice that you’re overwhelmed by the things that you have to do. However, with each “yes”, it costs you more to turn around to say “no” that really wants to get out.

Learn to accept your faults. Don’t be afraid of them. You have the right to say what you think and realize your desires. The fear that you feel is unfounded, your well-being comes first.

In your life, there have been mistakes, but there have also been successesWoman watching sunrise from office

Surely, when you look back, you focus more on your mistakes and shortcomings. These include the multiple times that make your face turn as red as a tomato.

However, you forget many other circumstances when you had resounding successes.

Why do you give priority to the things that have made you feel bad? It’s more than that, mistakes have allowed you to learn! And you can learn, even from things that are bad.

Learn to accept yourself while avoiding being so hard on yourself. You don’t deserve it. And, not everything is really that negative.

There is something positive that you can get from every experience.

You are a unique personHappy woman with arms spread on roof

If you are an authentic person, you’re unique in this world. This is something that will always please you when you see other people with a strong personality. However, don’t compare yourself with others.

Someone unique can’t compare themselves. This is because they never match their talents, abilities, personality or their way of being with anyone else.

Comparisons are a waste of time. They’re also a great enemy to your self-esteem. If you compare yourself too much, you can hurt your self-esteem. And you can do so in such a way that it makes it very difficult to rebuild it.

Learn to accept yourself just as you are, with all of your strengths and weaknesses.

Strengthen your talents. Make the parts of you that you show in the comfort of your home shine. But, do this in a social environment where you normally are afraid that others will disapprove.

If you laugh spontaneously, do it. If you like to tell jokes, tell them. Be proud of anything that makes you feel good and that you identify with.

You don’t need to hide yourself. Don’t pretend! Act the same way as the people that you admire.

Make your qualities shine even though they cause others to be shocked and surprised.  Don’t let this stop you. Don’t be afraid!

Learn to accept yourself just as you are. Do this in every sense and without wanting to be someone else.