Learn to Make Your Own Homemade VapoRub

Learn to Make Your Own Homemade VapoRub

Last update: 11 July, 2020

Known worldwide for its decongestion actions, VapoRub helps you breathe better and relieve cold and flu symptoms. Your nasal passages will get unclogged through a simple chest massage with a little bit of this medication and your cold will get better. Would you like to make your own homemade VapoRub? Find out how in the following article.

Characteristics of VapoRub

The main active ingredients in this remedy are the following three: menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus oil. Its decongestion actions act by improving the cold receptors in the nose, which cause a great fresh feeling in the respiratory passages and increases the passage of air.

On the other hand, it has an action that fights a dry cough and also quickly relieves cold and flu symptoms. The application is topical through a massage or deep inhalation of the product, which will reduce the discomfort in five minutes.

The VapoRub  that is sold in pharmacies is not indicated for people with chronic lung diseases, emphysema, asthma, convulsive coughing, recurrent obstructive bronchitis, pregnancy, and children under six years old.

What Else Can You Use VapoRub For?

Besides having great properties to relieve colds, nasal congestion, and the flu, VapoRub can be used for:


When you get home after a long day at work, you can spread a good amount of this ointment on your feet and put your legs up, supported on a cushion, for example. You can also use it before bed, with socks on and leave it on all night.



This menthol- and eucalyptus-based medication is great for migraines. Simply apply a little bit on the sides of your head (your temples) or forehead with circular massages. Tension and pain will be relieved in a few minutes.

Get Rid of Breakouts, Blackheads, and Acne on the Skin

This is not “scientifically proven” but there are a lot of people that use it for a more beautiful face. Put a small amount on the affected areas before bed and leave it on an entire night.

Relieve Sore Muscles

When you exercise or play a sport, your muscles will surely hurt the next day. A good way to relieve this problem is doing massages with VapoRub. This will also help increase blood circulation.

Reduce Skin Irritation

This is a popular and frequently used ointment. You should apply this cream to your skin to treat rosacea or red spots. Put it on like a mask at night and in the morning to go outside with more protection against the skin or wind.


Recipes to Make Homemade VapoRub

These simple recipes with ingredients that you can get in many places will help you make a natural version of VapoRub, with the same effects!

Homemade VapoRub Recipe No. 1

The necessary ingredients are:

  • 100 mL of coconut oil (it can also be almond or olive oil)
  • 20 drops of essential eucalyptus oil
  • 10 drops of essential rosemary oil
  • 20 drops of essential mint oil
  • 200 grams of cocoa butter

Put the cocoa butter in a bain-marie on low heat. When it becomes liquid, remove it from the heat and add the coconut oil (or whatever one you would like), always stirring it so that it mixes well. Lastly, pour in the essential oils while still stirring. When you get a well-blended mixture, pour it in an opaque glass jar with a hermetic seal.

Put it in a dark place and wait for it to solidify. You can keep it in this container for a year. Use it as much you would like.

Homemade VapoRub Recipe No. 2

This one has more ingredients, but they are all very easy to find so don’t worry. They are:

  • 120 mL of olive oil
  • 240 mL of coconut oil
  • 170 mL of bee wax (grated)
  • 35 drops of essential eucalyptus oil
  • 30 drops of essential mint oil
  • 15 drops of essential rosemary oil
  • 15 drops of essential lavender oil
  • 10 drops of essential camphor oil

Pour a little bit of water in a pot and then in a smaller pot, where you will put all of your ingredients together. Heat a bain-marie and stir until you get a well-blended mixture and the wax is melted. Pour it in a glass container and leave it at room temperature so that it cools and solidifies. We don’t recommend for children under two years of age to use it.

Homemade VapoRub Recipe No. 3

Baby learns to speak

This recipe is suitable for babies, unlike the other two. Homemade remedies are a good option to relieve cold symptoms in small children because you won’t be introducing toxins or chemicals at a young age. The ingredients you will need are:

  • 1/4 cup (60 mL) of coconut oil
  • 12 drops of essential eucalyptus oil

Heat the coconut oil and add the eucalyptus oil. Mix well and let it chill. It will chill and solidify after an hour. If you can’t find eucalyptus oil, you can use lavender or chamomile (for babies under two months).