Learn to Make a Hanging Garden

Hanging gardens are a beautiful way to grow plants in a smaller space. Learn how to make a hanging garden in this article!
Learn to Make a Hanging Garden

Last update: 16 March, 2019

The growing respect for the environment has increased interest in urban gardens. If you’re pressed for space, one option is to make a hanging garden.

Those who live in the city still want to have healthier lifestyles. Because of this, you may think that putting a hanging garden in your house can help you breathe cleaner air.

Also, plants let you balance the energy in your home. They even absorb the radiation that comes from devices like computers or the televisions.

But, how do you do this when you barely have any space? The answer lies in hanging gardens.

By putting plants at different heights, you instantly have more space in your apartment.

With this strategy, you solve the space problem. But now what? Keep reading and we’ll give you some more tips.

How to make a hanging garden

What environmental conditions do you have?

You can make a hanging garden with baskets.

As you know, plants need a very stable habitat to live. So, there might be a variety that you like a lot, but would be incompatible with the environment you have at home.

Following this train of thought, the questions you need to ask yourself are related to:


There are plants that need many hours of sunlight a day. But, there are also others that burn in direct sunlight.

You have to take this factor into account before making your choice. If you don’t, you may end up with nothing in terms if your home garden.


Many people like bright colored flowers and flowing forms. However, the majority of these need a very warm climate.

So these types of plants are more appropriate for Mediterranean and tropical climates.


The amount of water you can give the plant is another thing to keep in mind.

Remember that plants that need more water will cost more money in the long term, and plants that need less are more economical.

How much time do you have to make a hanging garden?

A person looking at their schedule on a phone.

Time is important. The time a person who works from home has isn’t the same as that of someone who spends all day out of the house.

All of them need to be tended to and taken care of. But, some need this more than others. As a result, the best thing to do is to choose the ones that fit your lifestyle in this sense.

If you don’t manage this well, you might end up frustrated by seeing that you can’t keep your urban garden alive.

As a result, we recommend that you don’t give up on creating one but that you be realistic.

Are you one of those people who likes to go out after work? Then don’t lie to yourself. Don’t think that you’re going to give it up for the plants.

You have habits for a reason: they help you get over stress, to calm down, and finally, you lose yourself in them. If you don’t want to turn this into another source of anxiety, make an honest schedule.

Design the hanging garden

You can make a hanging garden with bottles.

When we talk about the design, we’re talking about how to hang them. This means what kind of support you use and what dirt you put in them.

The characteristics are going to determine a large amount of these decisions.

Your furniture, the layout of your rooms, the height of your ceilings… All of this plays a part in the structures that you choose.

  • Keeping this clear is basic. This is because the size of your flower pots, their shape, as well as the kinds of plants you grow.
  • For instance, if you have low ceilings, pots aren’t a good idea.

On the other hand, you also have to think about the risk system. For this, keep in mind where the water comes from, and, as we said, the state of your economic means.

This way you can choose between drip, hydroponics, and fog… To decide how you’re going to water, you also need to pay attention to the kind of soil you’re going to use. This is because its permeability indicates the amount of water that you’ll need.

Without a doubt, gardening is a wonderful hobby. It’s also very sustainable. However, it can be a source of disappointment if you don’t consider your starting point.

This helps you make better decisions. As a result, you’ll have more success in this adventure. If you follow the advice we’ve given, there’s no doubt that you’ll achieve it.

However, if you have a doubt or worry about something we’ve talked about, don’t hesitate to ask us.