Learn How to Make These Great Shelves for Shoes

Whether you like to have your accessories like shoes visible or not, it's best to have them in a common place and organized. Learn some great options in thie article!
Learn How to Make These Great Shelves for Shoes

Last update: 09 December, 2019

Shelves for shoes are the best option to keep your shoes organized and in sight. This is a way to avoid having shoes all over the place and in different rooms.

In general, disorganization wastes time, especially when you’re in a hurry. This is why you should always seek alternatives to improve your space to keep things orderly.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at ingenious ideas to make your own shoe racks. We’ll show you that you don’t need a lot of material, the steps are very easy, and it’s all completed in a short time.

Some Things to Remember

Shoes should be in an appropriate place. It’s not just an aesthetic issue, but a way to avoid ruining them. We may step on a sandal or shoe that is made of delicate materials like suede or silk.

Therefore, having closets for shoes, you need to take into account how many pairs you have, the types, and the frequency of use. It’s a good idea to group the shoes into their functions and it will be much easier to find them.

The place you put sandals and slippers is not the place where you would put boots. On the other hand, shoes for sports are ones that are used daily. These you will want to place close at hand.

By using shoe organizers, you will know how many pairs of shoes you have and where they are. Don’t miss our recommendations. It’s time to make some practical crafts.

1. Shelves for shoes made with pallets
Shelves for Shoes

You can create your own shoe racks with pallets. You can easily find them at any supermarket or large store. Plus, you can also find them in stores where beverages are sold.

Nowadays, it’s very trendy to give a new use for this type of item. Plus, they’re very original aesthetically and you can decorate them with different art techniques.

You can also use wooden fruit and vegetable boxes.

The number of pallets you use will depend on the amount of shoes that you own. In addition, you’ll also need a free wall to place the squares against. This will look very nice in your room if you keep it open to view.


  • 1 hammer
  • sandpaper for wood
  • 1 or 2 pallets (depending on your needs)
  • paint or varnish (according to how you want to decorate)


  1. Using a hammer, take out every other wooden board from the horizontal border. Don’t take out the ones on the sides. The final result will be a type of picture frame.
  2. Use the hammer to take out the nails.
  3. Sand all of the wood well.
  4. Paint to your liking. As a suggestion, you can leave the natural tone of the wood. Use varnish or paint and then varnish the paint.
  5.  Once it’s dry, you can put it wherever you like. The idea is that it’s a part of your wall, since it will seem like a painting.

2. Wooden Racks for Your Shoes

Wooden Racks for Your Shoes
Another way to create your own shelves is to take advantage of bookshelves made of wood or metal. Of course, this option works just as well to display your shoes as it does to keep them in your closet.

The good thing is that you can give the shelves the height that you need, without wasting space. On the other hand, we recommend that in this case, you use a free wall to locate the shelf.

Stairs that are not being used can be a good place to keep shoes. You can paint or varnish them as you like. You can use the steps to support the boards. They can be different sizes for an informal look.


  • Rectangles of wood or metal approximately 4 feet long
  • Supports for steps or a staircase.
  • Nails to anchor them to the wall.
  • Paint or varnish


  1. Get the wood or metal rectangles, paint or varnish that you like.
  2. Measure the wall where you want to put them.
  3. Put the supports or the stairs in the chosen place.
  4. Over these last items, you’ll put the wood.
  5. Place the shoes where you want them.

3. Shoe Racks Made of Cardboard

Shoe Racks Made of Cardboard
The third option is the most useful. It’s totally accessible, fun, and easy to make. In this case, the material that you will use is cardboard. Without a doubt, this is truly a way to recycle!

The best feature of this is that you can make as many spaces as you would like. For example, you can make a section for each pair of shoes that you have. Also, you can easily alter this with new cardboard boxes.

We’ll construct small triangular spaces to place our shoes in. With this option, you don’t need much space, and you can locate them where they are easily seen. You can also put them at the bottom of a closet. Below, we’ll show you how this’s done.


  • cardboard
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • adhesive tape
  • brushes
  • acrylic paint


  1. Take a slab of cardboard about 16″ x 16″. Use a ruler to divide and fold into three equal parts. You can alter the size according to the size of the shoes. For a child 5″ x 5″ is adequate.
  2. Bend the cardboard to form a triangle.
  3. Tape securely so it doesn’t come apart.
  4.  Paint the color that you like, inside as well as outside.
  5. Make a horizontal row of triangles and place a base of cardboard above this. Above this base, add more compartments if you like.
  6. Make as many levels as you need.
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