Learn How to Free Your Mind from Negative Thoughts

The first thing we can do if we want to free ourselves from negative thoughts is to learn to recognize them and transform. Instead of bringing us down, they should help us to move forward.
Learn How to Free Your Mind from Negative Thoughts

Last update: 17 November, 2021

Although it’s not possible to “suppress” the negative forever in every situation, it is possible to manage it so that it doesn’t make so much noise and allows us to learn something and move forward. To deal with negative thoughts, you must take care of yourself and tend to your mind with affection.

As it’s often been said, sometimes, there’s no worse enemy than yourself. Negative thoughts are a big part of this. They’re the thoughts that make us only remember our mistakes or cause us to worry.

To help you, we want to tell you some straightforward strategies to leave aside negative thoughts. Read on to discover them!

How to let go of your negative thoughts

You need to learn to let go of negative thoughts little by little so that they don’t paralyze you and prevent you from enjoying the different moments of life. It’s not always easy, but it is possible. Do you want to know some strategies?

Let’s take a look!

1. Learn to be aware of negative thoughts

Visualización positiva para momentos de crisis
Positive visualization is a form of meditation that contributes to good mental health. It’s recommended to reduce negative thoughts in times of crisis.

The human mind can be a space as complex as it is unfamiliar. Day-to-day experiences and thoughts inhabit it. However, there are times when these thoughts limit inner peace and do not allow for clear reasoning.

At such times, you can consider the following:

  • Give yourself a couple of hours every day to yourself to rest and to think.
  • Take a blank sheet of paper and try to describe how you feel: angry, annoyed, scared, lonely…
  • Then, once these emotions are out in the open, it’s time to analyze why you think that way.
  • Once you know what triggers those emotions, try to decide what you can do to solve those problems.

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2. Free your mind from negative thoughts by seeking help

A calm mind is a reflection of health. This is something that you must be apparent from the beginning because if you fall into the side of continuous worry, anger, or sadness, you could get sick.

So when you notice that your negative thoughts last longer than normal, it’s best to go to a psychologist to help you untangle and manage them properly.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy can be very beneficial for your mental health – don’t rule it out!

3. Learn to forgive and let go

The need to forgive is vital in everyday life for one reason. It allows you to release (or at least lighten) many burdens. It may cost you, and it may hurt, but once you forgive, many of the negative thoughts that fill your mind may dissipate.

4. Transform negative thoughts into positive ones

Sometimes, thoughts can have a clear negative component: “I can’t,” “I don’t deserve it,” “It won’t happen to me,” or even thinking that “It’s already too late.”

It’s worth making an effort to transform each negative thought into a positive one: “I can,” “I deserve it,” and “It’s never too late for what I want to do.”

5. Exchange obsessive thoughts for new illusions

Mujer mirando por la ventana con café en mano.

There are times when an internal fear becomes obsessive. Think, for example, of people who tend to obsess over the thought that their partners are cheating on them. Apart from being uncertain, these kinds of obsessions could lead to developing new fears and being unhappy.

So if you can’t change what’s bothering you, try to divert those negative thoughts to other ways. For example, doing fulfilling activities and taking care of yourself are very healthy options. If you’re happy, being around you will also make others happy.

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6. Sometimes, the weights in your mind are resolved by making changes

You can think of your mind like a room. There are times in life when, for whatever reason, you close all the windows in that room, and you stay in the dark, with no air or light coming in.

So, day by day, the atmosphere gets heavier and heavier, and with it, you stop breathing. Then, you can’t see new perspectives, feel hope, or even enjoy a breath of fresh air.

In these cases, it’s essential to “open your mind.” You have to make changes. Make that room become a space where the air and light can circulate again. Make it a space that’s conducive to peace and full of multiple doors and windows.

It’s worth daring to make a change to get out of any negative reality. Some tips for this are:

  • Be critical, form your own opinion about things, and never get tired of learning, reading, and experimenting.
  • Avoid staying at home for too long. Go for a walk, join different activities, or just meet friends.
  • Let the world open up to you through new approaches, thoughts, and sensations. Get excited about new things every day.
  • One of the worst enemies of the mind is routine. Doing the same thing every day isn’t healthy. Try to have something different and new every day.
chica camina por la playa

Have courage: You can get ahead and leave negative thoughts behind

As you can see, it’s not good to live in negativity. As soon as you detect it, it’s necessary to seek a solution. The mind needs to have its windows open so that everything “toxic” or harmful leaves, and with it, the worries and negative thoughts that do nothing but limit and suffocate us.

Keep in mind that the tips we’ve discussed here can be helpful, but can’t give you all the benefits of psychotherapy when it comes to managing negative thoughts alone. So, if you think you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Remember, your well-being depends on you!

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