Learn How to Detect Hemorrhoids On Time

· March 25, 2015

Hemorrhoids are a circulatory problem that tend to be very common in people. In general, hemorrhoids refer to inflammation or swelling of the veins located in the lower area of the rectum or anus which cause pain, irritation, and bleeding. This problem can be due to different reasons, although their appearance is very common in pregnant women and after forcing a bowel movement. Because of the problems and risks of them, detecting this problem on time is important. That is why we will tell you how to detect hemorrhoids on time.

How to Detect Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a problem that can be detected on time because they are very bothersome. However, people often don’t pay them attention or downplay them because of different factors, with shame among them. Regardless of this, we will mention some of the most common symptoms that will help you detect hemorrhoids

  • Anal itchiness
  • Anal pain or discomfort, especially when sitting down
  • Bleeding especially during bowel movements or pain during it
  • Swelling or inflammation that happen in the anus or around it

On its behalf, hemorrhoids can be caused by various things. But the most common ons is for their appearance to be associated with effort during bowel movements, constipation, spending a lot of time sitting down, having anal infection problems, or suffering from certain diseases like cirrhosis. Also, some specialists state that hemorrhoids are also due to hereditary issues, having a poor diet, eating foods that cause bloating in the rectum veins.


Hemorrhoids Can Be Detected on Time

Like many other problems, hemorrhoids can be detected on time as long as you pay attention to the first signs. It is very common to downplay or deny their presence because of embarrassment or even ignorance. However, it is important to know when you have this problem so that you can go to a specialist and find a solution. In order to detect hemorrhoids on time, follow these tips.

  1. It is very important that you pay attention to any symptoms. So, if you start to detect some of them, especially discomfort in the anal area, it would be best to see if there are any other kind of problem related to hemorrhoids.
  2. If you have any symptoms, it is very important to immediately see a doctor. Remember that detecting hemorrhoids on time can prevent you from future problems or complications. It is vest to see a doctor so that they can examine you, like doing an colonoscopy, so that they can tell you what problem you have.
  3. If you detect the first symptoms of this problem, it is important that you stop them from happening and don’t try to fix them with untested methods or medications that often don’t give you the results you want. In fact, using them only relieves this problem and you won’t be able to heal them completely.
  4. Lastly, a great recommendation is to stay knowledgeable on hemorrhoids. As a result, you will know the steps you need to take and what decisions to make on this.