Learn the Benefits of Waking Up Early!

· March 30, 2015

A lot of people have a hard time waking up early, and even after years of study or work, it never stops being hard.  But just like everything in life, you need to see the glass half full, so we are going to talk to you about a few of the benefits of waking up early, so you can get motivated and enjoy it more.

Improves time management

Eating together

Perhaps you commonly wake up late and then you need to rush around doing everything, oftentimes leaving your activities unfinished or poorly done, or it causes you a lot of stress.  On the other hand, if you wake up early, you’ll have time to do everything you need to do peacefully, enjoy a relaxing bath, choose the clothing that looks best on you, make a delicious breakfast for you and your family, get to work early.  In a nutshell, you’d love to do all these things before leaving the house.

Care for your skin

Neck pain

First off, if you don’t sleep well you’ll lose hours of sleep, increasing your risk of wrinkles adn skin marks.  Your skin will also look dehydrated and less flexible. So waking up early doesn’t mean losing hours of sleep, but going to be earlier at night!


Woman reading in a chair

If there are a lot of things to do, you can start doing them in the morning, because there won’t be any noises from cars, babies, people talking, and other auditory contamination that you’re exposed to living daily.  Reading a book in the morning, for example, is more productive than doing so at night because you have all of your energy stored up and a more peaceful mind.

Eat a better breakfast

Healthy breakfast

Often time the desire to eat breakfast in the morning is substituted by a piece of fruit or a cup of coffee.  If you wake up early, you’ll be able to eat a breakfast that has the calories your body needs to start the day.  The perfect breakfast contains fat, fiber and minerals.



Exercising at any hour of the day has its benefits, but exercising in the morning increases the metabolism and sharpens mental abilities.  It is also the time of the day when the body is the most rested and ready for physical effort.

So now you know the benefits that waking up early brings, but making it a daily routine is fairly difficult. So follow these steps as the days go by, and you’ll be much better at waking up early.

Change slowly

You need to start to change your sleeping habits slowly.  wake up 10 minutes before normal, and go to bed before you’re used to.  Do this day after day, changing the time until you’ve reached a perfect time to start your activities in time and peacefully.

Move the alarm clock away from you

A lot of times people get to their appointments late because the alarm clock went off, but they unconsciously turned it off, or they hit the snooze for those 5 extra minutes, another 5, and continued until a long time had gone by.  It’s better to leave the alarm clock in some area that you need to stand up to get to.  You’ll be a lot more awake and aware that it’s time to start your day.

Think positive

As said at the beginning, you need to see the glass half full.  Don’t see this as something you have to do, or as some heavy weight to bear.  Value everything that you can do now that you’ve woken up early.  For example, if you have some hobby but your day is full of things to do and you don’t have time even for yourself, waking up early could give you time to do it, when before you couldn’t!