How can your face reflect your health?

· September 20, 2015
Sometimes when we experience various changes in our face such as pimples or blemishes, it may indicate that some of our internal organs are not functioning quite right.

The different changes on your face can be a sign that something isn’t quite right within our body. Although many of these changes may be due to hormonal changes, exposure to extreme climates, use of different medications, or foods, among other factors, some studies have found that when changes occur from one moment to another for no apparent reason, it may be a warning sign about the state of our health.

If we are not on our menstrual cycle and are not exposed to other factors that are known to cause pimples or blemishes from one moment to another, then we must pay close attention to other possible reasons. Imagining that our face is like a map, we can get an idea of what the possible problem is and how we can fix it. Below is a guide showing 14 areas of your face that may reflect what is happening in your body. Look at the areas marked with numbers and pinpoint the problem.

1 and 2. Affected zone: Digestive System

If you notice that you have pimples, zits or spots in the areas marked as 1 and 2, it is possible that your digestive system is not functioning properly. To correct this problem you must reduce the consumption of junk food and the excessive consumption of fatty foods; and avoid excessive salt and increase your water consumption.

3. Affected zone: Liver

If the affected area is number 3, it is possible that your liver is not functioning properly due to a buildup of toxins and the consumption of substances that are harmful to your health. What you should do is avoid alcohol, junk food and lactose. And in its place you should increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially raw ones. It is also advisable to do a natural liver cleanse.

4 and 5. Affected zone: Kidneys

Everything that happens to the contour of the eyes, including dark circles may be due to dehydration and kidney malfunction. For this reason it is very important to increase your consumption of water, avoid salt and eat more foods with diuretic properties.

6. Affected zone: Heart

This is one of the zones where acne and blackheads for common causes are mostly seen. However, when they appear suddenly and are difficult to eliminate, they may be reflecting a heart problem. To fight against this problem, you should eliminate from your diet all harmful foods such as fats and sodium, as well as those spicy foods. Instead, try to increase your consumption of omega 3 fatty acids, mainly of plant origin.

7 and 8. Affected zone: Kidneys

Again the kidneys may be malfunctioning due to an accumulation of waste, fluid retention or dehydration. To correct this situation you should drink more water and avoid coffee, soft drinks (sodas) and alcohol.

9 and 10. Affected zone: Respiratory System

These zones may reflect some kind of allergy or chronic respiratory problems such as asthma. It is an area very prone to spots or other changes due to the bad habit of smoking. To correct this you should quit smoking, increasing your consumption of fresh foods and reduce the consumption of sugar.

11 and 12. Affected zone: Hormones

In this area the hormonal changes that normally occur during the menstrual cycle are most often reflected. Although for many it is something unavoidable, it can be reduced with a healthy diet, exercise, sufficient sleep, drinking more water, washing your face frequently, and avoiding irritating foods.

13. Affected zone: Stomach

This area of the face could be indicating poor digestion; that your colon is not working properly and you may be suffering from constipation. To combat this problem it is recommended that you increase your consumption of fiber, which is found in fruits, vegetables and cereals.

14. Affected zone: Stress

If you notice any irregularity in this area of your face, it is possible that your body is requesting rest and time to recover. Stress can lead to various health problems if we do not pay enough attention. To combat this problem it is recommended to take time to relax or nap and drink more water.


There are different reasons why our face may have some irregularity such as pimples or blemishes. The reasons mentioned here are only a few of the possibilities, therefore, it is best to consult with a doctor to determine if your facial problem is due to one of these problems or to another reason that can be causing the change.