Four Home Remedies to Kiss Allergies Goodbye

Following the doctor's instructions, keeping the house clean and well ventilated, and leading a healthy lifestyle are all positive for people with allergies.
Four Home Remedies to Kiss Allergies Goodbye

Last update: 20 May, 2021

No matter what, at least a couple of times during the year you’ll suffer from some sort of allergy. If you’ve tried everything, and you’re not a fan of drugs, we bring you 4 homemade tricks that you can use whenever you find yourself in this annoying situation.

An allergic reaction happens when the immune system responds in an exaggerated way to certain substances in the body. These substances are known as allergens. The immune system helps to protect and defend the body against foreign agents, but sometimes it reacts in an exaggerated way to certain substances or things that we would consider safe.

The natural remedies in this article are taken from Ayurvedic medicine. They can be a good adjuvant to the treatment prescribed by the doctor — as long as they authorize it. Furthermore, they don’t exempt you from visiting a professional or following their advice. Thus, always use them with caution and within the framework of a healthy and coherent lifestyle.

The most common allergies

There are several types of allergies, and that each of these should be treated individually. For this reason, we recommend you consult a doctor as only they’ll be able to diagnose you and prescribe the most appropriate treatment.

However, food, insect, seasonal (to pollen, for example) are among the most common allergies as well as those caused by intolerance to latex or other elements.

Some of these allergies can be cured using any of these home remedies. In any case, keep in mind that their use isn’t scientifically supported in all cases.

No more allergies – four homemade remedies to relieve them

A woman blowing her nose.
Allergies are a response of the immune system to foreign substances it identifies as dangerous — even if they’re not.

1. Eucalyptus


It’s famous for its great expectorant properties. Across America, as well as other regions of the world, it’s common for people to boil and inhale the leaves to alleviate their allergies and colds, according to various studies.

It also produces a concentrated oil that can aid a medical treatment prescribed for upper respiratory tract infections by limiting the persistence of infectious agents. However, you must consult a physician before using it as it may cause allergies.

2. Apple cider vinegar


There’s no scientific data to support the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar in relieving allergies, but some studies found certain properties that would contribute to it.

A study conducted on animals indicated that apple cider vinegar would increase antibodies, while its anti-inflammatory properties would make the effects of allergy more bearable.

Remember, there are no contraindications for the use of these natural remedies but there’s no irrefutable evidence of their effectiveness either. Consult your doctor about any contraindications they might have.

3. Lemon juice, of course


The high content of vitamin C and antioxidants in lemon juice is good for the lymphatic system and for overcoming respiratory problems. Daily intake of this citrus fruit can deter bacterial growth and stimulate the immune system.

You can use lemon juice and its peel, just add some water to it and spray it at home to disinfect the environment. Its essential oil can kill bacteria and eliminates airborne allergy triggers.

4. Basil oil


Basil’s essential oil reduces the inflammatory response to allergens. Also, it helps the body react accordingly to any threats by promoting blood flow to the brain, heart, and muscles.

Consult a doctor when faced with allergies

A smiley doctor.
Poor adherence to therapy leads to treatment failure and poorer health.

The best thing to do in order to kiss allergies goodbye is to consult a doctor. They’ll most likely do various tests before they make a diagnosis and tell you what you might be allergic to. In addition, they’ll prescribe treatment according to your needs.

Natural remedies are good adjuvants but can never replace the treatment indicated by a medical specialist. In any case, run them by your doctor so they can tell you if you can use them safely.