Protect Your Hearing: When Was Your Last Checkup?

It's very important to get your hearing checked every year. Something as simple as an annual checkup can really change your quality of life.
Protect Your Hearing: When Was Your Last Checkup?

Last update: 02 April, 2019

Getting regular hearing checkups is key to enjoying a good quality of life. After all, your hearing is a basic, vital part of connecting with the world around you. Unfortunately, for some reason people don’t think about this subject very often. Something as simple as getting your ears checked once a year will ensure that any anomaly can be treated on time. Never forget to protect your hearing!

If your living in Spain, the people at General Optica will keep an eye on your hearing. You have a group of excellent professionals at your disposition very close to you. Checkups are free and you’ll get an accurate diagnosis within minutes.

It’s easy and they offer the latest technologies to protect your hearing and a guarantee that the health of your ears is their number one priority.

So tell us… when was the last time you got a checkup? After a certain age, it’s an important question. Don’t forget that hearing loss is one of the most common problems and also one of the most neglected.

We invite you to make some changes and take care of your hearing a little better.

Why should you protect your hearing and get a checkup at General Optica?

As we indicated above, it’s recommended to get a hearing checkup once a year. It doesn’t matter if you’ve noticed an issue or not or if you think you hear perfectly. It’s essential to be aware of it, and here’s why:

Once a year won’t hurt, especially if you’re over 50

Reduced quality of hearing happens almost imperceptibly, but gives its first hints after 50. You should know that early detection of any hearing problem may be vital to getting it treated in time.

A deterioration in your hearing ability can be treated in many different ways, depending on the individual.

Most of us see a dentist or eye doctor regularly. We know it’s important. But more than half of the over-50 population hasn’t gotten an ear checkup. In fact, hearing loss is the third most common health issue after arthritis and hypertension.

One in every six people has a problem

The facts are surprising.

  • Around 71 million adults between 18 and 80 years old have a hearing loss of more than 25 dB. This is the threshold the World Health Organization (WHO) has established for hearing disability.
  • As for North America, the data also gives a clear picture of the evidence: about 35 million people have hearing deficits.
  • Developing countries have higher numbers for understandable reasons: a lack of health care, infection, trouble getting access to hearing checkups, etc.

How can you find out if you failed to protect your hearing?

Woman with hearing problem

Just like you’ve already heard, it’s best to not wait until you notice a problem before getting a checkup. However, you should also get one if you ever experience any of the following issues:

  • You keep turning the volume up.
  • Sometimes (or often), you have to ask people to repeat themselves because you didn’t understand the first time.
  • You have trouble following conversations because you miss words.
  • People you talk to say you speak loudly.
  • It’s hard to talk on the phone sometimes because you don’t hear the words clearly.

If these situations sound familiar, don’t wait: let a hearing specialist give you some tests to evaluate you.

It doesn’t cost anything and it’ll do a lot: it will “connect” you to life again and all its sounds.

Why choose General Optica in Spain to better protect your hearing

General Optica protects your hearing

General Optica cares about your hearing. They have years of experience, a location near you, and a team of excellent professionals for all your needs who are able to answer your questions and give you a personalized exam.

  • Don’t forget that your hearing checkup is free. It always starts with a short interview, after which the professionals give you a listening test.
  • These tests don’t hurt. They give the professionals quick, precise information to evaluate your hearing.

And if you or a family member needs hearing aids, General Optica makes it easy.

  • You’ll have a wide range of solutions at your disposition using the latest technologies.
  • You also have easy ways to pay, including warranties and insurance in case of damage or loss of the hearing aid.
  • The batteries are free and you can try them for 30 days to see if they’re meeting your needs.

To conclude, it’s very important to get a hearing checkup every year. Something as simple as this can change your life, so don’t hesitate: let the pros at General Optica help you today!

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