Keep Your Hands Soft and Blemish Free

March 28, 2019
Hands say a lot about people. So why not learn about a few simple tips and tricks to keep your hands soft and blemish-free?

Hands say a lot about people.  They are faithful friends that are always in sight, expressing our personality and character.  So why don’t we learn a few simple tricks to keep your hands soft and blemish-free?

Hands usually suffer the effects of climate change, cold and continuous work, causing them to lose their smoothness.  Cracks and red marks start to appear.  The effects of sun can also impact the hands, because continuous sun exposure, for example, could cause blemishes on the hands.

There are a few appropriate precautions to avoid this negative outcome.  Let’s take a look…

Remedy for cracked hands

Rose, aloe vera and witch hazel remedy

Aloe vera anticarcinogen keep your hands soft

These are excellent natural elements for restoring damaged skin.  Both roses and aloe very have healing, nutritive and curing powers.  They restore skin, making it smooth.  The plant witch hazel is also perfect for alleviating damaged skin and for curing tissues and burns.

  • Remedy: Let’s start by making an infusion with roses and witch hazel.  Simply gather 10 rose petals and a branch of witch hazel.  Boil them in two cups of water.  Then prepare the aloe vera pulp. Diluting the aloe in the infusion is definitely the most complicated part.
  • While still hot, place two tablespoons of aloe vera pulp into the infusion, and stir well.  Once the tonic is warm, submerge your hands in it for 15 minutes.  Repeat three times a week, and you will notice the effects.

Remedy for hand blemishes

Cucumber cream

Cucumber and lemon base remedy

The acidity in these two components is usually very effective for softening blemishes on hands caused by sun exposure.  They are healing, provide antioxidants and can repair even the most discolored skin.

  • Remedy: Gather one cucumber, half a lemon, one sprig of diced parsley and one tablespoon of wheat germ.  Blend all ingredients in the blender into a uniform paste.  Apply this mixture three times a week and let set for at least 20 minutes, avoiding any sort of sun exposure on your hands during this time.  You will notice results after one month.

Remedy for keeping hands soft and moisturized

Avocado conditioner

Avocado and plain yogurt remedy

Avocado is one of the best natural moisturizers around.  Widely used in beauty treatments, it is commonly used to restore damaged hair and enhance face softness in masks.  And of course… many use it for overall hand beauty.  If mixed with plain yogurt, the effect becomes even more intense.  So be sure to take note…

  • Remedy: start by procuring a medium sized avocado.  Remove the seed and extract the pulp.  Immediately crush into a pulp using a fork or knife.  Try to create a uniform puree.  Afterwards, add the juice  from half a lemon, along with plain yogurt.
  • If easier, place all ingredients in the blender.  Once you have a cream, apply it to your hands for fifteen minutes. Finally, repeat this process three times a week, and within just a short time you can have incredibly soft and moisturized hands that you’ll be dying to show off.

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