How the Little Things In Life Can Make All the Difference

Many of us are unaware that the most important things in life aren't the big, extraordinary things. It's the little, everyday things and the people that surround us that matter most.
How the Little Things In Life Can Make All the Difference

Last update: 17 February, 2020

Ten out of ten people love the little things in life. These small details don’t need important dates or cliches. They give our day-to-day lives meaning, helping us keep going when things get tough, and feel humble. What’s more, they teach us the gift of caring for the people we love every day.

Because it’s the little things that have the biggest impact. They show us the strength in others, and they’re what bring huge smiles to our faces. The little things are always the most important, because they are what make us grow and be better people every day.

In the end, you’ll realize that the little things are always more important. Those 3 am conversations, those spontaneous smiles, the terrible photos that make you laugh out loud, the ten-word poems that bring tears to your eyes. The books that no one else knows but become your favorites, the flower you put in your hair, the cup of coffee you drink alone. That’s what makes everything worth it: those minuscule things that trigger huge waves of emotion.

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The little things that make us love life

Couple sleeping together.

It’s the small things that we fall in love with because they make all the difference and help us to love life. They are the reflection of the greatness in people and our ability to love constantly and unconditionally.

Every day, we hope that storybook phrases will save us before we fall into the abyss, or that we’ll win the lottery, become a little bit richer and be able to devote ourselves to doing the thing we love most.

But the truth is, we win the lottery every day, in every second and in every small detail. Details like getting up every day and having someone you love by your side. Details like bursting into a fit of laughter, conversations that last until 3 am, or the sight of the sunset.

What is truly important and what keeps us alive are the little things in our everyday lives. However, we often only realize this when we lose something, or something goes wrong. This last point is extremely important because whenever something goes wrong, whenever you’re disappointed, there’s still a spark of life deep inside.

Because the little details act as reminders, helping us speak the language of life and collect moments of intense and unforgettable emotion.

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Small details make great moments

Small daily things that help us to love life.

Following a diet, going to the gym or being productive at work are all great daily objectives. However, we can’t forget the most important thing of all: we must become collectors of emotional moments.

According to this study by the Autonomous University of Mexico, memories can be stored in our brains for years. A familiar face, sound or image can be enough to evoke these memories later on.

This is because emotional moments are what bring happiness to life. In order to get used to this you could start by keeping a daily journal of your emotions, in which you jot down whether or not you had a special moment. This will then reflect your feelings and emotions.

After a few days of “collecting” these moments, you’ll be surprised at how you become more aware of your relationships. Thanks to the effort you make, you will strengthen your ties with other people. Doing it over a long period of time can make a huge difference.

It could also help you to be more attentive to those around you if you create a “love map” for people who are close to you. Your brain will store this information, and help you to become more familiar with the details of other people’s lives.

This, in turn, will help you to create happier and more stable relationships. The more you know about their experiences, feelings and likes, the easier it will be for you to connect with that person emotionally.

Couple looking at the stars.

Details to point out in your “love map”

Below we’re going to list what psychologist John Gottman proposes we need to know when creating our list of small details:

  • The favorite dish of a loved one.
  • Their favorite movies, TV shows and books.
  • At least two people that they admire deeply.
  • Their favorite animals.
  • Their favorite restaurants.
  • Their ideal vacation spot.
  • The first thing they would buy if they won the lottery.
  • Something that you could do to improve your relationship with him/her.
  • What he/she would like to change about you.
  • What is their favorite way to spend the afternoon at home.
  • The activity he/she feels most competent in.
  • The personal improvements they want to make in their own life.
  • What type of literature does he/she prefer.
  • What their secret ambitions are.
  • Their favorite thing to do while sick.
  • What would their ideal birthday gift be.
  • What currently worries or stresses them.
  • Their favorite way of getting your attention.
  • What is their most desired, unfulfilled dream.
  • What does he/she feel most proud about.

Men like the little details as well

Couple looking at each other on the bed.

Many people have the wrong idea that most men aren’t interested in the little things. They don’t appear to appreciate small or subtle things, and they consider certain things to be a waste of time. But they do appreciate the little things, just as women do.

That’s why we need to realize that they, too, deserve things that make them happy, like unexpected words, kisses, or hugs. They like being surprised, because they deserve love too.

This study, carried out by the State University of Campinas (Brazil), focuses on the way in which society has established specific behavioral parameters which have alienated men for centuries. Some learned patterns of behavior make us think that men don’t feel, love or suffer in the same way that women do. Needless to say, this is a myth.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to appreciate the people around you every day. A good way to do this is to pay attention to the little things, giving them special care and attention.

It is absolutely necessary that you make the people you love feel special. Show them that they matter to your life, because, in our day to day routines, we often forget how important it is to show affection, and to let others see that they are important to us.

This is, undoubtedly, something that keeps love alive.

Reader’s note:

  • If you are interested in learning how to improve communication in your relationships, read works by authors John M. Gottman, Antonio Bolines and Joan DeClaire. These books can be incredibly enriching and will help improve the quality of your relationships.
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