Is it Possible to Prevent Breast Cancer? Discover these 6 Recommendations

March 18, 2018
Living a healthy lifestyle and getting physical activity on a regular basis can help you prevent breast cancer. Regardless, you should always have regular exams to ensure that everything is going well

Is it possible to prevent breast cancer?

Breast cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in the world. It is a chronic disease that occurs when the breast tissue cells start to grow abnormally.

It continues to be one of the major concerns among the female population, because there are many factors that are related to the risk of getting breast cancer.

Medical and technological advances have improved the treatment options. However, doctors still maintain that patients must remain attentive to any symptom that generates suspicion.

Doctors also recommend practicing a series of healthy habits that may not always guarantee the prevention of breast cancer, but will help you minimize your risk.

What are the causes of breast cancer?

The causes of breast cancer are not 100% clear. Doctors agree that it occurs when some of the breast tissue cells begin to grow abnormally and quickly.

These cells can spread (metastasize) throughout the breast and other bodily tissues, as they move through the bloodstream and your lymphatic system.

  • Most cases start in the milk duct cells that produce breast milk. This is known as invasive duct carcinoma.
  • Cancer can also originate in glandular tissue or lobules, known as invasive lobular carcinoma.
  • Other types of cancer are formed on other tissues in the breast.

Risk factors

Some hormonal, environmental, and genetic factors are well known as possible causes of breast cancer. However, it’s not clear why some people develop this disease and others do not.

Related causes include:

  • Being a woman. Although men can also develop breast cancer, women are the most affected.
  • Being older.
  • Having a personal or family history of breast cancer.
  • Being overweight or obese.
  • Starting your period at a very early age.
  • The use of hormonal therapies.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Exposure to radiation.

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Symptoms of breast cancer

prevent breast cancer

  • Changes in the size or shape of the breast;
  • Changes in the skin covering the breast;
  • A lump or thickening of the breast tissue;
  • An inverted nipple;
  • Flaking around the skin of the nipple;
  • Redness or small punctures in the skin around the breast.

Recommendations to prevent breast cancer

Due to the complexity of this disease, it’s impossible to discuss a 100% effective method for preventing breast cancer.

However, there are certain habits and recommendations that can reduce your risk of suffering from it, especially if you have any exposure to the related factors.

1-Stay active

Stay active
Women who lead an active lifestyle are less likely to develop the disease.

Physical activity helps keep estrogen levels in balance, which are key hormones for women’s health.

2-Avoid being overweight

Individuals who have a higher percentage of fat cells have a higher risk of cancer.

For that reason, it’s essential to adopt good habits and maintain a healthy and balanced weight.

3-Limit alcohol consumption

The consumption of alcoholic beverages has a negative impact on your health.

If you are at risk of developing breast cancer, it’s essential to limit its intake.

4-Choose to breastfeed

Choose to breastfeed
Breastfeeding is not just the best way to provide nutrients to your baby. It’s also a way to reduce your risk of breast cancer and other aggressive diseases.

5-Perform a monthly self-exam

Self-exams can be key in order to prevent of breast cancer.

This evaluation will help you detect the presence of any abnormality in the breast tissue in a timely manner.

6-Request genetic testing

If you have a known family history of breast cancer, it’s a good idea to perform genetic testing to determine how high your risk is.

Your doctor, through a professional evaluation, will decide whether or not it’s necessary to start treatment.

Are you worried about suffering from breast cancer? If you have reason to suspect that you have this disease, talk with your doctor as soon as possible and request the relevant tests.

In general, however, if you want to decrease your chances of developing breast cancer, start practicing the above tips and make them a part of your lifestyle.