Information and Steps to Treat Ascites

Ascites is a very annoying problem, but there are various treatments that can help. In this article, we'll show you how to treat ascites and tell you everything you need to know about this disease.
Information and Steps to Treat Ascites

Last update: 06 April, 2019

Ascites is the buildup of fluid that occurs around the organs in your abdomen. This fluid is known as “serous,” and it’s a clear fluid that separates when your blood clots. Ascites is more common than we may think, especially in patients with liver cirrhosis. However, there are other things that can cause it. Tumors, high blood pressure, and certain infections are among them. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this condition and how to treat ascites.

Why Does Ascites Appear?

In order to treat ascites, you have to know what caused it.

To find out what causes ascites, you have to first look at blood pressureIf it’s too high, you have portal hypertension. People with this condition are at high risk for ascites.

Besides blood pressure, there are other factors that can influence this illness. Some of them are excessive alcohol consumption for many years, or a prolonged infection of Hepatitis B or C. Therefore, liver damage is what can make ascites appear.

However, people suffering from certain types of cancer are also at high risk.For example, these cancers are more susceptible to ascites:

  • Breast cancer
  • Ovarian and uterine cancer
  • Appendix cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Liver cancer

In these cases, there is a high risk of suffering from this disease. However, we’ll show you how you can treat ascites, as well as the buildup of fluid.

How to Treat Ascites

Ascites can cause swelling in your abdominals, discomfort, and difficulty breathingThis is because the fluid can put pressure on your lungs and make it hard to breathe.

However, there are several ways to treat ascites. Therefore, we’ll show you how to do each other treatments, as well as how effective they are.

Lifestyle Changes to Treat Ascites

If you have this condition from drinking too much alcohol, your doctor will recommend that you drastically change your habits. If you aren’t able to stop it all at once, you’ll have to do it progressively. Then, it might be a good idea to sign up for a support group.

Also, your doctor might recommend that you eat less salt to lower your high blood pressure. Likewise, you should drink liquids in moderation. Although you shouldn’t stop drinking water, you should drink it frequently in small amounts.

Drain the Liquid

To treat ascites you can drain the liquid.

Another way to treat ascites is by draining the liquid.However, this isn’t the best treatment option, as this problem can reappear. Therefore, it’s only a temporary solution to relieve your discomfort or pain.

In many cases, to drain the liquid, doctors will place a catheter. That way, the liquid can drain out. Also, they can open it when needed to let more liquid escape.

Medications to Treat Ascites

Additionally, doctors might prescribe certain drugs to help relieve and treat ascites. The medications might be:

If you want to choose natural remedies, you should only look at ones that will help drain the fluid that builds up in your abdomen. However, it’s always best to consult your doctor.

What doctors usually recommend, apart from treatments, is to get lots of rest. Ascites is very annoying and will make you feel uncomfortableso rest can help you.

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to move. On the other hand, exercising will prevent fluid from building up. Therefore, exercise will help treat ascites. Make sure to always follow your doctor’s instructions and to not self-medicate.

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