If You Fall Seven Times, Get up Eight

· April 11, 2016
After a painful experience, you should give yourself time to grieve and you need to realize that it's normal not to feel well. However, you need to get back up and move on.

If you fall down, get back up. We’ve all heard that before, but it’s hard to remember when you’re going through a really painful situation!

You’ll fall down many times throughout your life, what’s important is getting back up because it’s a long road.

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Anxiety, depression, frustration, stress… Our lives are full of things that take us from our highest to our lowest. What can we do? Should we just give up?

Although all seems lost, you’ve got to keep going. Life will go on, with or without you.

There’s always hope

Everything can seem hopeless when you’re going through a tough time, but things will eventually look up.

After you get past this slump, you’ll get right back up easily. It’s normal for everything to seem black right now. You’re not at your best.


One of the most common problems right now is depression, a disease that completely engulfs us and makes us feel deeply unhappy. Unlike ordinary sadness, depression lingers for a long time. Hope becomes non-existent.

In the face of this, we must do everything we can to keep it from completely swallowing our lives. Depression can be the result of a loss, a serious problem, career change, etc.

Although it might seem like there’s no way out right now, believe us, there is. You might think you’re deep in a rut, but get up because there’s hope.

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You’re blind to this hope because we all have a tendency to enhance the negative feelings we find in ourselves. If we’re feeling badly, we’ll make every effort to make it worse. Those that fall the furthest can still get back up and succeed.

You don’t feel like doing anything

It’s normal to not feel like doing anything when you’re going through a rough experience. Sometimes it gets to the point where you may not go out and lock yourself in at home, neglecting friendships to wallow in your own grief.


Listening and learning from the pain can be beneficial towards getting to know your inner self. Experiencing suffering is not something negative.

We need to experience it in order to overcome what hurt us. Without the suffering, we’d never get past it.

This is why we can’t stay down after we fall. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything, whether it be living or taking care of yourself, you are strong. Yes, you are strong and your innermost knows that you’re going to get through this.

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The pain will pass. Suffer through it, feel it, so that you can rise from your ashes reborn like the phoenix. Learn from even your most painful moments because that’s when you can learn the most about the world and yourself.

It’s time to get up!

Now’s the time to reflect on your actions once the pain has passed. You’ve fallen, it’s normal. We all experience stumbling blocks in our paths at one time or another because the world is full of them!


The question is… when you fall down, will you get back up? You might be embarrassed, but you need to force yourself to get back up. Remember that the next time you’re going through a tough time.

If you fall down 7 times, get up 8. No matter how far you’ve fallen, you can get right back up.

The most negative moments in our lives allow us to get to know ourselves and teach us that no matter how much pain we’re in, we need to get back up.

Of course being sad one day is different than a depression. But the end result is the same: you come out of it.

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Never give up because it won’t be the last time you’ll face a problem. Suffering and falling down are parts of life, but the important thing is to keep getting up. It makes you stronger and gives you courage.

If you fall seven times, get up eight.