Ideas to Help You Organize Your Kitchen Storage

There are many very practical ideas to get enough storage in your kitchen. You have to take advantage of the space you so you can enjoy cooking more. How can you optimize your kitchen space?
Ideas to Help You Organize Your Kitchen Storage

Last update: 02 June, 2020

Practice, organization, aesthetics. In this article we’ll give you eight ideas to help with your kitchen storage which will guarantee an area you can enjoy while you make delicious meals. It’s just a question of dedication and getting to work.

Is your counter normally covered with different objects? Pots, containers, spices, vegetables, and even meat clutter your counter and give your kitchen a sometimes chaotic look. You can immediately see that you don’t have enough space and it’s easy to despair when you have to cook.

Fortunately, you just have to organize everything and find a place for everything so that each item has its place. With a little bit of creativity, you’ll have space for each utensil and enough organization to enjoy cooking again. If you think about it, even the vegetable basket will be a big ally in your kitchen.

Eight ideas to help you organize your kitchen

If, even after picking up all the pots and pans, you see that you don’t have enough spaceit’s time to make some decisions. You’ve already put away the cups that weren’t in their place or the plates you wanted to have on hand, but there’s still more.

Organized drawers

In principle, you’ll have to make the most of the space you have. Store all of your silverware in order, using the drawer compartments correctly. Make sure you take advantage of the depth and length of all your drawers.

If possible, add some trays, separators, and dividers inside the drawers – that way it will be even easier to get the utensil you want without wasting time looking for it in a jumbled mess.

Organize your kitchen: daily objects

Kitchen storage.
Put the tools you use the most somewhere close by to simplify your life while cooking.

For ease of use, you should always have the objects you use daily on hand. Things you don’t often use can stay up on the highest shelves to take down only when you need them. You can also store dishes for special occasions up high.

Storing appliances when not in use

You can store your blender, toaster, mixer, or sandwich maker in the cupboard. If you only take them out when you use them, and then return them right away, you’ll have much more counter space. That way you’ll guarantee that you have more space to work when you’re ready to make dinner.

Open and adjustable shelves

If, even after these measures, your kitchen isn’t as organized as you’d like it to be, then it’s time to look for specific help. Open shelves let you keep everything in sight and on hand.

You can choose shelves that don’t take up much space, but help organize your kitchen better. In fact, there are even adjustable shelves that allow you to change them based on your needs.

To make the shelves more attractive, instead of storing food in bags, you can do it in boxes that give you more visibility. If you have a lot of bags of spices for example, you can put them all in a box that will keep them organized and keep your kitchen looking good.

Sliding doors and hanging bars

Boxes and carts to organize your kitchen.
Look for new ideas to organize your space, with boxes, shelves, or bars or hooks.

Cupboards with sliding doors or accordion doors are normally a very effective solution. They’re perfect for those small spaces where you can fit a piece of furniture, but you can’t open the doors.

To get more space, you can also use hanging bars. They let you easily store kitchenware, cups, and other utensils. Most of them can be installed with straps or adhesive so you don’t have to put holes in your walls.

From the floor to the ceiling

Cupboards that go from the floor to the ceiling, or built-in options are especially useful.  They save you a lot of space and give you more options for kitchen storage. You can spruce them up with removable trays, shelving supports, and other storage accessories that can even double your usable space.

Using your walls for kitchen storage

Don’t forget to use your walls. You can hang utensils you use frequently on them without affecting your kitchen’s aesthetics. You’ll have them on hand whenever you need them, and they won’t take up any space.

Ready to cook

Person peeling cucumber in front of tablet on counter.
Having a practical and functional kitchen will help you enjoy cooking even more.

Before starting to cook, it’s important to get organized. Have all the ingredients and pots ready to start. Remember that if you don’t stick to your organization system, it won’t work. Cook, wash, dry, and store everything to keep your kitchen practical and organized.

As an additional recommendation, if you have a recycling bin, take advantage of it. Make sure to separate your waste into organic wastes, glass, cardboard, and plastic.

These eight ideas to help you organize your kitchen storage will make preparing food much more enjoyable. The art of cooking is also a pleasure, but doing it in a clean, organized, and practical environment will increase your enjoyment.

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