Ideas for Renovating the Sink Area

The sink area is a great place to renovate to make your home cozier. There are many ways to do this that are simple, inexpensive, and - most importantly - look great. Read this article for some tips!
Ideas for Renovating the Sink Area

Last update: 14 March, 2021

People wrongly believe that making renovations – such as renovating the sink area – is too costly. It is if you hire an expensive designer, of course… However, you can make some effective, modern, and economical changes on your own.

New design fashion trends are all the rage these days. They create intrigue, attention, and plans. This is how new types of decor emerge every day and the house is also a place to explore new styles.

Renovating the sink area is interesting since it’s one of the most important parts of the house. Being one of the areas intended for daily personal hygiene, it’s essential for it to always convey feelings of cleanliness.

Continue reading for some ideas!

Five ideas to renovate the sink area

The first step to take into account when renovating the sink area is preparation. This phase is essential for those who want to analyze and decide which elements they dislike and want to change ASAP.

Likewise, it’s the moment in which you must define the techniques to use, as well as the new elements to add and the proper distribution. It’s essential to make a plan that allows you to consider all the details and establish a clear mental scheme of the result you want to achieve.

There are all kinds of ideas, depending on the tastes and spaces you’re working on. Renovating the sink area can range from simple to overly elaborate.

Hand washing in the sink area

This is an area commonly associated with cleanliness, so the design must be oriented in that direction. Let’s take a look at some helpful tips along these lines.

1. Paint the wall

Just changing the color of the facade can be a kick start to produce noticeable changes and give a twist to your sink area. The reasons are many, either because the current paint doesn’t look good or because there’s a new great color in the market that’s a better choice for this structure of your bathroom.

The determining point to take into account here is to select good quality paint, one that guarantees its proper condition and won’t deteriorate as a result of factors such as humidity.

2. Painting ceramic tiles to renovate the washbasin area

There are times in which you don’t have a problem with the color of the wall but dislike the worn-out or old-fashioned tiles. Furthermore, they may not in terrible shape and you often don’t really want to replace them. The good news is there are some innovative alternatives to renovate the sink area with those very same tiles.

It’s a simple and effective way: all you have to do is give them a new life by painting them.

You must sand them first for the paint to adheres to them and then paint them over with a glazed product. Finally, clean the grout between the tiles. Then you’re ready to paint!

3. Laying adhesive tiles

There’s no easy way to renovate tiles that have been around for some time. This is why here’s a cheap alternative that can provide a unique design: adhesive tiles.

This is a good choice for those people who find the system of painting the tiles too complicated or think the change isn’t radical enough for what they envision. Adhesive tiles are available in the market in different colors and patterns to mix and match.

You must first clean the wall for the adhesive to adhere in a polished and uniform manner. Then, just remove the plastic film and the new style will look like tile. There are two presentations: those who cover the entire wall and those that one can install a square at a time. Pick your favorite!

4. Wallpaper to renovate the washbasin area

Ok, so tile isn’t your thing. You might like this newer wallpapering technique. It can cover the entire wall and replace paint. People chose it because patterns make the place look more modern and not as static.

Also, this idea leads you to evoke specific places inside the house and recreate an original style with other types of textures. Vinyl wallpaper is the recommended material to place in the sink area because it protects it from moisture and it’s easy to clean.

A modern sink.
Small objects and decorations are part of the sink design and important for the final product.

5. Furniture and accessories in the sink areas

You can also innovate by considering key elements such as furniture. Are you trying to renovate without major changes? Then just keep the same elements and paint them to fit a new style. However, if you really want a dramatic change then include some new furniture, there are many affordable pieces out there.

Don’t underestimate the accessories as these add a visual touch to your space. Mirrors, shelves, dressers, and towels can add that special touch and also enhance the colors around.

Renovating the sink area requires planning

Some of the final recommendations for renovating the sink area are:

  • Have a brainstorming session to select a great idea and then adjust your budget and execute it without improvisations
  • Get technical advice to avoid damaging the purchased products and the sink area in general
  • Pay attention to every detail, from the largest to the smallest. This is the key to good design.
  • Execute several ideas at the same time if your space allows it. For example, you can alternate vinyl wallpaper with painted tiles if you like the combination.

We hope you enjoyed these tips!

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